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HE IS in and around all of us. Most just don't have the Knowledge. The ones that have found IT are looked upon as radicals. IT IS the Age that IS causing the problem and until the majority can desire More than material goods, IT will only get worse. Om tat sat.
Remember, I believe in reincarnation. I just go by another name now. Om tat sat.
No, not imposter, incarnate. When you have been where we have, you too will have the Maya lifted and be able to see the Truth. Om tat sat.
We are thanking GOD for allowing us to speak. Sanskrit. 
Worship IS not what westerners think IT IS. Devotion IS what IS important. Worship is man's idea not GOD's. Om tat sat.
Michael M
Reminds me of this quote... "A Lie Is A Lie Even If Everyone Believes It. The Truth Is The Truth Even If Nobody Believes It.”
Wow, we do not care about religion either. We care about the part and parcels that roam the the Earth, that are HIS gift to us so we may have life. +Mike M You speak of man's duality. Neutrality IS where you find the Truth. Om tat sat.
Neutrality is compromise, not truth. One either stands for truth, or against it, Truthiness is not a valid option.
You will one day. +Alyssia Matz  Maybe when stricken with a terrible affliction, or the loss of a loved one. IT IS, AS IT IS.  Om tat sat.
So you're saying that the truth is Neutrality? When you say Neutrality do you mean Neutrality to the truth?
+Mark Waggoner IT IS more than obvious that you have not the knowledge or education necessary to comprehend Neutrality. Learn More then we will speak again.  Om tat sat.
Then define your term better. I have more than enough education and knowledge, thank you very much.
"the quality or state of being neutral; especially : refusal to take part in a war between other powers"

if that's what you define by neutrality, I thoroughly disagree with you. I believe that each person is morally obliged to stand up for the truth.

If Neutrality is the truth, then you are in fact standing up for Neutrality, aren't you? And then you're no different than everybody else.
+Mike M No, man conceives only the duality of right and wrong. GOD lives in the Neutral, Celestial Sky. Man exists in the Material Sky. When HE calls us home, back to Godhead, one experiences the Truth of that Neutrality. IT IS our experience being a Twice Born. Om tat sat. 
+Alyssia Matz that is the existential dilemma humanity has faced for as long as we have history.  There are lots of people with answers.  Personally, the only way I know to answer that dilemma is to find it through your own search.
+Mark Waggoner +Mike M IT was not our intent to cause undue agitation, just that if one IS truly curious then one will seek out the Truth AS IT IS. Not man's version.  Our Love to ALL. Om tat sat.
Yes I agree and I admire those who have the guts to stand with the truth.
+Aalia Khan We stand on our feet. lol We Love ALL parts and parcels of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri KRSNA. Om tat sat.
I was just talking about standing with the truth, whichever form it comes in :)
that needs to be heard more often.
+Mike M IT IS very simple really. There are three modes of nature and man views only two due to the illusion, Maya, of the Supreme Personality. If you care to read a little, find a book called the Bhagavad-gita, as it is. by Srila Prabhupada. IT IS explained there. Om tat sat.
Try. I was sent for just such battles. Om tat sat.
+Arjaya Mahajana Sorry, I'm not going to read a book to find a simple definition of Neutrality. I am asking you to define it for me. If it's so simple, can you please provide a simple explanation of Neutrality?
+Qasim Hussain Well said. And those shouting out are just ignored if not silenced :(  The 'open secret' of the shameless politicians is out and still, all we can do is watch.
+Qasim Hussain  I can't comment on Hinduism as its not a subject I am families with, but I know over time in other religions the bible has been re-written again and again in different versions, languages, interpretations etc...  Would what you read be the word of god or the will of man?
+Mike M We just wish for you to see for yourself so that you have no need to believe us. Our Grand Guru wrote the book. We can see by your scowl that you wish for us to satisfy your request and so we shall. Neutrality IS what lays beyond this Material Sky. DEATH. Having been there we are qualified to speak on the matter. Does this satisfy you? Om tat sat.
every person has their own perception of truth so i cant agree with this one at all,,,, we are all not right  nor are we all wrong so that statment doesnt hold water...  thats some fools false ego talking
Speaking of neutrality, I think neutrality is numbness. The truth is positive, the lies are negative and oblivion is neutrality. My definition varies from yours. It's the clash of opposites that makes the world go around, as the ancient Chinese yin yang law implies. What's good is good and neutrality is nothing. Neither good nor bad.
It is when an amount-able (mass) perceptions converge on a singular truth does the word carry it's meaning.
+Qasim Hussain We are a Twice Born. We have had the pleasure to be with the Supreme Personality and HE has granted our request to REMEMBER HIM. HE has returned us to this miserable rock to correct some very needed things and One IS to speak HIS Truth.
My Dear +Aalia Khan you are still speaking of the Material. Man's conceptions not GOD's. IT IS all explained in the Gita. Please just take the time to see for yourself. If we are speaking lies we will never speak again. Om tat sat.
+Tse-Yee Teh The Truth IS AS IT IS and needs no Man to clarify IT, just understand that HE IS. Om tat sat.
+Arjaya Mahajana Oh, you have no idea of how spiritual I am. Good and evil has nothing to do with the material world. I do not doubt that you are lying, deary. My opinions differ and I actually am looking for a copy of the Gita myself :) 
Oh but we do know of your following +Aalia Khan  and you may argue as much as you wish but we are speaking the Truth. You will see for yourself. Our Love to you. Om tat sat.
+Arjaya Mahajana your attitude is very ignorant, deary, even if you don't realise it. I don't doubt that you think you're speaking the truth, but you can't deem everyone as liars or misinformed just because we don't agree with you. 
Awesome! Just worked out that I'm just another Red Herring!

I can keep calm and carry on with my life and not have to care about this #Doctor Who crap anymore.

Thanks for the pressure and stress but I can now get on with the rest of my life.

BTW, we were not paid!
We are not asking anyone to believe us and we have not called anyone a liar. Read IT for yourself.  Om tat sat. 
Also I take full responsibility for the stress and anxiety I caused amongst my friends and family. I know I am difficult to deal with and this latest 'episode' is more proof of how easily one can feel   part of something when they actually are not! I'm now going to bed and feel deeply upset and confused by this whole mess I created in my head! 
Nice to meet you Mr. Gandhi. You like Starbucks coffee?
Get in contact with me if you wish to get any compensation. I don't know how I'll be able to get you anything as I don't have that much money myself but I'll work something pout with you personally.

Deepest Sympathies,


Seriously if "HE" is all around us and everywhere, and responsible for all creation, then "HE" is provably an evil dick.
+Pradeep Singh IT IS nice to see that someone IS reading the posts.  We do not drink coffee but thank you for the offer. Yes, you know who we are. Our Love to you. Om tat sat. 
no worries Qasim, he will attract what he resinates. some peoples kids.
+Arjaya Mahajana Attac the flaws in a message when you know the message is true and irrefutable... Excellent, progress being made, we now all know that deep in your heart you know I am right, since you fled to Ad Hominem. 
Shoot... I seem to be a minority of one...

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haha true that lol the truth is the  truth i agree
satya evam jayate hehehe
in the end not even religion will survive except the face of the beloved/the supreme personality/the truth... :)
Means the truth is what you want it to b sister acts like gandhi and we call her the next gandhi!!!LOL
which is why some people don't like democracy...
that's true the truth is the truth
If I may, neutrality is a state of mind where the person is neither affected by deep pain or great happiness. He attains the highest level of detachment.
When one explores role of Krishna in the mahabharata it would be difficult to say that everything what he did was in keeping with the right. But, He had to do things which were necessary in the grand scheme of things- whether right or wrong is open to debate
+Arajya are a fool. Learn to respect people first.

+Arajya are a fool. Learn to respect people first.

that defines the faith of respected Gandhi ji in the truth. And why he has been that great.
yes!! it is an everlasting quote!!
But why Gandhi and not a common man? All of us want to stand by truth, all of us. Everyone who believes in Karma wants to uphold the light of truth. It's always the circumstances that differentiates men from boys and hence Gandhi from commoner. But all of us stand for truth.
Just standing will get exactly Nothing done. One must engage in devotion regardless of the form. Keep HIM in mind and on tongue and life will become better. Om tat sat.
The truth IS.........(please fill the dot)
Totally agreed with mahajana. To stand with truth needs courage. 
Totally agreed with mahajana. To stand with truth needs courage. 
Totally agreed with mahajana. To stand with truth needs courage. 
Totally agreed with mahajana. To stand with truth needs courage. 
I think you should stand up for what you believe to be the truth, no matter what other people think. You should be a witness to the truth. Be willing to give your life for the truth. Because if you don't stand up for the truth, who will? And if nobody stands up for the truth, then who will ever know the truth?
+Sumit Rawat I don't know much about Gandhi, but if what you claim is true, that is very interesting! I just remember reading in a book by Paul Johnson (I believe it was History of the Modern World) some rather interestingly perverted things regarding Gandhi, and I thought "Well you sure don't hear this stuff about Gandhi that often..."
+mauri smith if the truth is not the truth, and is in fact a lie, then that is the truth. So the truth is that the truth is NOT the truth. Thus your "truth" is untrue by its very own statement, and self contradicts itself.
Om Hare KRSNA  Now that you young people have had your say, we will respond. +Rituraj Raghuvanshi Thank you for making our point. Only one lacking in Knowledge of what the Truth IS would stoop to name calling. +Sumit Rawat we have read your blog and can only say that the Mahatma was a man torn by the Age. +Muhammad Asif 
We appreciate your energy in our defense. +Mike M Did you read  any of the Gita?  No. You have come back here to agitate with your good and bad. Take some time and find out for yourself. Then comment. We have lived in this Material world and have been sent back to GOD and returned. If you do not want to take the time then it only goes to prove that you are a product of the Age. Om tat sat.
+Arjaya Mahajana I am perfectly happy with my current religion and obviously believe it to be true. Why would I go about looking for another religion? I simply asked you for a definition. If you will not want to give me a definition, simply say that. 
+Mike M These are moonies and their messiah just died from old age, as most "mesaiahs" do eventually. They can't define their religion because it was "do what that (now dead) guy says" ... expect growing anger followed by self-harm...
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