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One of the best thinks about working from home..

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How to make +Walter Pavlik II drool.. 😜

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Out in the wild. #avanti

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On this day:
At 31st July of 1987, the movie "The Lost Boys" debuted in theaters. "The Lost Boys" is an American horror comedy film starring Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, Corey Feldman, Dianne Wiest, Edward Herrmann, Alex Winter, Jamison Newlander, and Barnard Hughes. The film is about two Arizona brothers who move to California and end up fighting a gang of young vampires. The title is a reference to the Lost Boys in J. M. Barrie's stories about Peter Pan and Neverland, who, like the vampires, never grow up. The film was followed by two direct to video sequels, "Lost Boys: The Tribe" and "Lost Boys: The Thirst".

Back in the 1980s, vampires weren’t cool. They didn’t go around pretending to be 17-year-old twinks. They didn’t have funky cool hair. And they certainly didn’t become all glittery and gorgeous when they wandered into the sunlight. Yes, the pre -Twilight days of movie vamps were a simpler time. Buffy was but a twinkle in Joss Whedon’s eye, Blade was only in his early embryonic form, and a certain Swede wasn’t getting down and dirty in something called "True Blood".

In 1986 - the year before "The Lost Boys" slipped quietly onto the big screen and kick-started a vampire revolution that is still going strong almost 30 years later - there were a handful of fang flicks. There was Grace Jones getting bitey with it in "Vamp", space expeditions getting sexy with it in "Lifeforce", and Hong Kong getting flippy with it in "Mr Vampire". Only one neck-chewing nasty tapped the teen horror vein successfully, and that was "Fright Night" in 1985. But even "Fright Night" wasn’t quite slick and hip enough to pull off a vampolution.

Enter Richard Donner. Having soared to the top of everybody’s must-have directors list in 1978 with "Superman", the New York native was enjoying mean success with "The Goonies". Fresh from that Spielberg-produced wonder, Donner came across an original screenplay written by first-timers Janice Fischer and James Jeremias, which had been dumped by original director Richard Franklin. It was called "The Lost Boys". So Donner called up Joel Schumacher and asked him to give the script a glance...

Schumacher loved the title, a darkly comic riff on Peter Pan’s gang of rebellious young vagabonds, who refuse to grow up, instead embracing their eternal youth. Having just directed teen Brat Pack pic "St Elmo’s Fire", Schumacher spied potential in Boys as something more suited to an adolescent audience. Turfing out the vampire kids storyline, and going for a sexier, racier approach, Schumacher set about doing something that many thought couldn’t be done, merging comedy and horror into a hybrid entity that somehow came out smelling like roses.

The story centres on Michael Emerson. He, his mother and brother have recently moved to Santa Carla after his mother's divorce. With nothing to do until school starts, he spends his evenings mooching around the beachfront's boardwalk and eventually falls in with a motorcycle gang. Who just so happen to be vampires. Nothing unusual there, then. Egged on by the gang, Michael unwittingly drinks blood, which gradually transforms him into a vampire. Michael's brother enlists help from a pair of vampire hunting brothers to save Michael (and the rest of the town).

The cast are superb – they're all pretty 80's youngsters, obviously employed because of their market value at the time, but decent actors nonetheless. Jason Patric is perfect as Michael, the handsome but gullible new kid in town, who falls for the beautiful Star and unknowingly, descends into vampirism to get closer to her. Kiefer Sutherland does a great turn as the ultra-cool, menacing (but seductively persuasive) leader-of-the-pack-vampire, David. The vampire gang are impossibly cool, the epitome of 80's fashion and teen attitude. Not to mention having cast Alex Winter as Marco - Bill S. Preston Esquire with fangs!

Jami Gertz's Star is fittingly mysterious and evasive, but the real stars of the show are the Frog brothers - teenage vampire hunters/comic bookstore owners, fighting the good fight for Justice, Truth, and The American Way. Michael's brother Sam enlists their help to put a stop to vampirism taking over his family (and, eventually, the town). With lines like "Kill your brother. You'll feel better" they're the best bit of comic relief in this movie. Corey Haim manages a good performance as Sam, Michael's younger brother and Diane Wiest is fab as their unsuspecting mother.

Set in Santa Carla's beachfront (so named to avoid associations between Santa Cruz and the film's gang-related themes.) it's full of carnival music, twinkling lights and sparkling nighttime beaches, which give it a slightly surreal atmosphere. Of course there's always the token struggle between good and evil, from Michael's Mother nearly sucumbing to the charms of the head vampire, and Michael almost being shoved across the line into fully fledged vampirism, but it's all still very entertaining.

It's comically gory, lots of body parts exploding, stakings and burnings. And it contains some of the more 'realistic' vampire-esquire makeup effects – the vampires look like they really would like to tear your face off. Although the movie is nearly 30 years old, apart from certain elements of hairstyles and clothing, (like David's choice mullet and Star's exploding-poodle-style perm) it doesn't look that dated at all, and has a cracking 80's power ballad soundtrack. Slightly darker than a teen movie, but just as fun, this will remain a firmly beloved classic for many years to come.

#TheLostBoys #LostBoys
#80sMovies #Movies #JasonPatric
#KieferSutherland #CoreyHaim
#CoreyFeldman #DianneWiest
#HorrorFilm #Horror
#FantasyFilm #Fantasy #ComedyDrama
#Onthisday #MovieReview

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On this day:
At 2nd July of 1986, the movie "Big Trouble in Little China" debuted in theaters. "Big Trouble in Little China" is an American fantasy action comedy film directed by John Carpenter. It stars Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, Dennis Dun and James Hong. The film tells the story of Jack Burton, who helps his friend Wang Chi rescue Wang's green-eyed fiancee from bandits in San Francisco's Chinatown. They go into the mysterious underworld beneath Chinatown, where they face an ancient sorcerer named David Lo Pan, who requires an Asian woman with green eyes to release him from a centuries-old curse. "Big Trouble in Little China" was a box office failure when it was released, and it was Carpenter's biggest flop in his career. It has since become a cult classic and a steady audience on home video.

Out of 20th Century Fox, "Big Trouble in Little China" is directed by John Carpenter and stars Kurt Russell, Kim Catrall, Dennis Dun, James Hong & Victor Wong. The adaptation is by W.D. Richter with the screenplay from Gary Goldman & David Z. Weinstein. Dean Cundey photographs and Alan Howarth doubles up with Carpenter for the musical score. Truck driver Jack Burton (Russell) agrees to take his friend Wang Chi (Dun) to pick up his fiancée at the airport. Little does he know that he is about to get involved in a supernatural battle between good and evil beneath San Francisco's Chinatown district.

A box office failure on its release, and known to be the moment when John Carpenter gave up on Hollywood, "Big Trouble in Little China" has gathered "cult" momentum over the years and shows up rather well these days. Blending Chinese mysticism with chop-schlocky adventure, Carpenter's movie is at once daft but also a ball of energetic fun; propelled by a handsome, but inept, action hero. Carpenter had always wanted to tackle a martial arts movie, and here he gets to do it whilst laying on the comedy and playing with effects as his movie mostly comes alive in a magical underworld of monsters, magicians and sexy green eyed women.

It's evident now that the film was ahead of its time, not from a technical viewpoint, but from the point it tried to Americanise chopsocky. This is some time before Chinese style wire-work and mythology became common to Hollywood, one has to believe that Tarantino was nodding approvingly around about then.

It's also worth noting that although this "American" movie has an American beefcake as its main protagonist, it's the Asian Americans who actually are the heroes of the piece, with Dun's sidekick the stand out hero as Russell's Burton bumbles his way from one sequence to the next.

It was a bold move by Carpenter to structure the narrative that way, one that annoyed the executives at Fox and kept the paying public bemused. It's easy to see why the film failed, contrast it with the similarly themed Eddie Murphy movie, "The Golden Child", from the same year, which was a box office success. There the public got what they wanted (or what they were used too), the standard American hero fluff where Murphy saves the day and gets the girl.

Carpenter dared to be different and had fun along the way, as did his cast. It may have taken a decade of VHS and DVD releases to prove he was right, but right he was, "Big Trouble in Little China" is a damn fine movie. Russell plays it meat head style, with swagger in tow and tongue stuck in cheek. Nicely toned physique for the girls to enjoy, and making vest wearing cool two years before Willis did in "Die Hard". Kim Cattrall is wonderfully alluring, red lips and green eyes shimmering bright in a world of color; and boys, look out for her wet scene, it's wolf whistle time!

Dun is likable and athletic, while Hong as Lo Pan gives the action/adventure genre a truly memorable villain. The film is briskly paced and not found wanting in the set piece department either. Not all the effects are high grade, but in a film with such zestful comic book traditions at heart, it hardly matters a jot. 30 years later after his release, Carpenter's movie is now, at long last, getting the appreciative audience it deserves. Amen to that.

#BigTroubleInLittleChina #KurtRussell
#KimCattrall #JohnCarpenter
#80sMovies #Movies
#ActionFilm #ActionAdventure
#Comedy #ComedyFilm #ActionComedy
#Fantasy #FantasyFilm
#Onthisday #MovieReview

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Come on, +Niantic Project .. This is the definition of an invalid portal.
Portal Name: Lion At The Gate
Portal is located at least 100 ft down a Private Residential Driveway.
Small sign mounted below the 24" Lion Statue clearly states private property.
Not only is this a poor quality portal but exists on Private Residential Property.
+NIA Ops Please remove this portal and yes it is now a Pokestop too.
This portal has been reported multiple times and rejection emails have been received by multiple agents.

Since I cannot add to the album:

Ingress Operations
1:02 AM (14 hours ago)

to me
Thanks for submitting an Ingress Portal edit; we've reviewed all proposed edits for this Portal and have decided not to make any changes at this time.

We're not able to provide specific rejection reasons for each edit we review; however, the following are common reasons for rejection:

We weren't able to confirm a suggested location change using available imagery
Suggested title changes or descriptions weren't necessary; the current title/description were already adequate
Suggested changes were incorrect or could not be verified

Lion at The Gate
133 South Bethany Road, McDonough, GA 30252, USA
9 Photos - View album

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This is how it's done.
Howdy Texas ENL Hunters! I present to you an ordered list of my guardians and some helpful tips! No ENL scraping needed. Keep it clean out there!
I am quite confident you are going to fail this round. I am looking forward to flaunting my shiny new onyx soon. When you admit defeat and finally spoof them, I will laugh at you.
#NotGHT   #NotGhostfacedkillaz #NotHashashin #statsopen  
Stats say oldest is 140. It’s time to move. Good luck agents! Kisses,

+Hisham Eid +Solo Walka +gupp gupp +Chris Shelton +The HuK +Murphy Wilson +Daniel Rodriguez +Cory Maddox +Sue Dyatlov +Nancy Something +Mike Heeringa +Dan Funderburke +Jon Harmon +Mason Sheppard 
CC:ed for lulz
+Adam B +Cyanidesin Savage 

Google Docs and text for your convenience.

Over 130 days (20 or less days left)
From Desert to High Peaks - should be pretty in the summer.,-108.517958&pll=37.461683,-108.517958
Rico Public Library,-108.030418&pll=37.694232,-108.030418
Atlantic Cable Mine Ore Silo - Not nearly as much snow as when I capped it.,-108.03177&pll=37.694423,-108.03177
San Juan National Forest Information Station - who is your cell provider? Ohh noes!,-108.034132&pll=37.711802,-108.034132
Ah Has Art School,-107.816031&pll=37.937048,-107.816031
The Alpine Chapel,-107.813871&pll=37.937334,-107.813871
Historic Telluride Delicate Arch - gonna probably have to do some walking,-107.807529&pll=37.935406,-107.807529
Christ Church Telluride,-107.814146&pll=37.938845,-107.814146
Down Valley Park - got to love what mountain valleys do to cell signals!,-108.034923&pll=37.998787,-108.034923 R&R BBQ Shack - portal yes, but might wanna pass on the bbq.,-100.949516&pll=29.455846,-100.949516 <small>Near Site, Southern Pac Who uses HTML tags really.. Lots of truckers at night.,-101.386364&pll=29.765756,-101.386364
US Post Office - Might be a good place to send your,-101.557119&pll=29.807232,-101.557119
The Torres Family - Wave to Mexico!,-101.559266&pll=29.8085,-101.559266
Langtry Art Cow Gas up before it gets too late. It is a long drive.,-101.569718&pll=29.81329,-101.569718
Dryden Intermediate Field Site 29 - i may or may not have 45 keys to this portal.,-102.213425&pll=30.052958,-102.213425
Far West Texas Wildlife Trail,-102.400765&pll=30.143489,-102.400765 100-130 range (Over 20 days Left)
Fort Peña Colorado (Red Rock),-103.28763&pll=30.15337,-103.28763
The U.S. Army Camel Experiment .probably gonna have to get out of your car.,-103.160848&pll=29.742849,-103.160848
Double Mills probably gonna have to get out of your car.,-103.160806&pll=29.74281,-103.160806
Terlingua Abaja - supposed to be Abajo with an o.,-103.60353&pll=29.198002,-103.60353 Luna's Jacal This one was substituted’s portal for a while. Jacal loosely means house,-103.53485&pll=29.215594,-103.53485
Marfa Water Tower -omgmarfa!,-104.020977&pll=30.314653,-104.020977
North Marfa Water Tower marfakitties,-104.020418&pll=30.319808,-104.02041
McDonald Observatory - Totally gonna BAF austin with this one after 150..,-104.0236&pll=30.671245,-104.0236 Baxter's Curve Train Robbery - have fun!,-102.269121&pll=30.062022,-102.269121
Lost Mine Trail - Never saw a lost mine, maybe you will have more luck.,-103.286439&pll=29.274376,-103.286439
Trinity Lutheran Church Of Blanco Street Sign,-98.375436&pll=30.091638,-98.375436
Wimberley Zipline Adventures hi obersdrei!,-98.101853&pll=29.968444,-98.10185
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