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Kodi very slow

Hope someone can help, my kodi takes about 30 seconds when trying to access TV or Movies contect. it cnnected to a synology and also a mysql database. the issue is across all devices.

I have attached a log but i cant see anything that points to the issue


Hello, hope someone can help.

I have my kodi set up via advancedsetting.xml and connected to a synology box and it's been working great

However, I recently changed my broadband supplier and as a result, i ended up with a new IP.

I have updated the advancedsetting.xml with the new IP but when i try to load up Kodi, it just hangs and never loads up.

Anyway ideas what the problem might be?

P.S i can access the synology (and media files) via the new IP as a network drive


i am trying to log into the amazon underground app on my shield tv box but i cant get the cursor to the email field. i have tried everything but it wont move above the password field. Ideas?

anyone here running the Cyanogen mod on their M8? It doesnt seem like  stable version has ever been released?

Is there a module that prevents the music volume from being reduced whenever a notification comes in?

It's driving me crazy whenever I get a notification


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Suggestions on how/where to fix a cracked screen? 

Can someone please point to me a good step by step on how to setup FLIRC on the ouya? I can't seem to find one that works and they are pretty old 

I recently got the notification to download 5.0.1 on the n10, i disabled superuser and proceeded with the update.
After a while, i got the broken android logo, so i pressed volume and power and got stock recovery.

Anyway i got the installation aborted message as system/bin/app_prcoess32 has unexpected contents.

The only thing i have done since i updated to 5 is root the device

Any ideas.? 

Hello. is there a module that locks volume settings, i cant seem to find one? i am always accidentally changing the volumes by hitting the volume key and i am struggling to find a fitting solution

Anyone here know to flash a stock ROM onto the m8. I am rooted and unlocked and currently running slim ROM. However I need to flash a stock htc ROM in order to run sunshine so I can s-off.
I am finding the whole HTC process very confusing. I have looked at xda and ROMs with sense are over 1gb but fail when I try to flash.
Has anyone had a similar issue that can point me in the right direction?

I simply need to turn my phone into a GPE

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