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I thought this shit had stopped, but unfortunately it started again 2 weeks after i heard it had stopped, which I didn't hear about... until now. Share the bejeezus out of this, folks...
I need to explain first that this has really shaken my wife, and has enraged me.  It has done so more than either of us thought it could.

A picture that is true worth a thousand words.  perhaps a million.

Copied from FB via John Knauss

While magazines and TV chains report about the lives and love affairs of movie actors and actresses, football players and other celebrities, the Chief of the Kayapo tribe heard the worst news of his entire life: 

Mrs. Dilma, the president of Brazil, has given her approval for the construction of an enormous hydroelectric central (the world’s third largest one).

This means the death sentence for ALL the tribes living at the shores of the river because the barrage will flood more or less 988,421 acres of the forest. More than 40 000 natives will have to find other living surroundings where they will be able to survive. The destruction of the natural habitat, the deforestation and the disappearance of several species of plants and animals will be a fait accompli. 

We know that a simple image is the equivalent of a thousand words, it shows the price to be paid for the “quality of life” of our so-called “modern comforts.” There is no space in the world anymore for those who live differently. Everything has to be smoothed away, that everyone, in the name of globalization must lose his and her identity and way of living.

If this enrages you, I urge and implore you to "SHARE" this message to all your friends, relatives and acquaintances. 

Go to to petition this madness to end.  In the name of all that is good, decent, and worthy stop the destruction of a tribal people's peaceful lifestyle along with nearly 1 million trees.

Update: it is worth mentioning this chief hasn't given up the fight for his tribe's right to exist peacefully on their ancestral land. Let's help him save it.

Goodbye Gingerbread, hello Jellybean :o)

Hit my free 120-minute limit on Soundcloud. Then noticed that one of my tracks (100 minutes) has mysteriously disappeared from my dashboard, too. Can anyone recommend a good place to share my sounds that won't randomly delete them and try to charge me for uploading them again?

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Ninja Gecko!
Damn nature, you scary...

Anyone know of a good sat-nav app for Android? Preferably with offline maps, don't have a data plan. Uninstalled Google Maps due to not being able to update it, and can't re-install it again for some weird reason...

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Whoever thought that science could be so melodic?

Finally got round to watching the first season of "Game Of Thrones". It's a bit good, innit?

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What do you get if you cross seriously bad 80s pop with 90s acid techno and strange electronic Bolton weirdness?

... this.

I simultaneously apologize profusely and invite you wholeheartedly to shake yer funbags to it.

DJ Mishjah & DJ Tim vs. Autechre vs. Bros: When will I Have Access To A Famous Bass Cadet? (Cowpants Mashup)

#mashup #silliness #wtf

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Best restaurant name ever! You've just got to love people's unquestionable faith in the "mighty" Babelfish!
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