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Garrett Humphrey
Co-Host of the Pixel Damage Podcast
Co-Host of the Pixel Damage Podcast

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HUGE News everyone!! The Pixel Damage Podcast team is now ranked #5 in the nation of teams participating in the Extra Life gaming marathon raising money for Children's hospitals!! Check out our team here and please consider picking one of the hosts to support (or all!) and make a donation!

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We're back baby! Full crew and plus 1!! Awesome to have +Jameson Durall back on the show!! So check out episode 44 and we will make love to your ears with Pixel Damage goodness!
And it's here!  If you're not subscribed to the show already you should be!  But we'll still help you out by linking directly to the latest episode right here :-)  Check out Episode 44, fresh out of the oven and featuring our newest co-host +Jameson Durall !!!  Nuff said!

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Woah!! We are recording a +The Pixel Damage Podcast tonight! It has been far too long. Until then, I am off to play Minecraft.

Tomorrow.......ME3 comes out tomorrow......swoon

Mass Effect 3 demo is out?

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Alas good friends and listeners! Episode Number 43 is here and ready to take your ears on in a no holds barred match in the octagon! Translation: Listen. This episode we tackled a highly unfavorable perspective of the Used Games market that has been big lately. We also have some TV show recommendations and as always Mike's music recommendations. Best get after it broda man (or woman) and listen away!

Show reference: The blog post we discuss in the show by our good friend +Jameson Durall can be found in it's original form here:

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Reading about Mass Effect 3 this morning.....


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AH, Copy/Paste faaaaaail :-)

For those interested in our LATEST episode you should check out THIS link

Time to head up to the Madden playoffs! Hopefully tonight I will be a repeat champion!!!
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