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Catherine Styles
On a mission to cultivate pattern recognition and connectedness
On a mission to cultivate pattern recognition and connectedness

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Mainly testing to see whether this endures beyond 16 April when it expires on ABC iView. But Sarah Blasko is also great.

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Sembl is part of the line-up at this games night in London curated by Holly Gramazio. Such excite! 

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I like the Metamaps tool for mindmapping because you can specify custom relationships.

It shares some ancestry with my own project, – which is (so far!) a social mindmapping game rather than a tool. They're both inspired by Herman Hesse's fictional glass bead game.

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Last night I consulted the Yi Jing about my fledgling, a game of analogy to augment perception.

It said hexagram 16: elephant – auspicious and thundering – only I need help. Yeauhhuh. Henceforth I seek thundering elephants to join my (anti-violent, anti-authoritarian, humanitarian) army. I know you're out there. Please be in touch.

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In the aftermath of the PeaceApp contest, I wrote this blogpost called Peace is a bridge. Then I came upon the emerging  #bethebridge  movement –

I'm thinking to set up a game and invite people to play for peace on/around 6 January. Interested? Let me know and I'll tell you more.

I cannot tell you how readable the book of nature is becoming for me; my long efforts at deciphering, letter by letter, have helped me; now all of a sudden it is having its effect, and my quiet joy is inexpressible.

—Goethe to Charlotte von Stein, 1786

(inscription at the front of the MIT Press edition of THE METAMORPHOSIS OF PLANTS Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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Focus on the Solution

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Watching this video, I feel proud and excited :-0

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Semantic web enthusiasts, I need your feedback. Seems to me like there's a significant difference between linked data that defines What a Thing Is and linked data that defines A Thing's Relationship To Another Thing. And that RDF triples are great at the former but fraught for the latter. Comment?

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