Green Paris 2.0

There are many different ways to enlighten a city: a long time ago, Ingress Enlightened from Paris created a big field over Paris (read In August, just before #Cassandra , we turned almost every Parisian portal green (read

Our latest challenge was to cover Paris, and this time only Paris. Links would radiate around a central anchor, Point zéro des routes de France, the kilometre zero marker for France, located in front of the Notre Dame cathedral at the heart of Paris.

First of all, ten anchors on the borders of the city were chosen to sketch the general shape of Paris. Our criteria : links should not go over either a green or a blue farm, so as to reduce the cleaning time required before they could be drawn.
Once we had agreed on those main links, several smaller triangles were traced to make Paris’ outline even more recognizable.

The operation was to take place in the night between Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd. We gathered 32 agents on the ground and 6 other to guide them. Once this was settled, our valiant agents went to hack for keys, braving the elements and the weird encounters one can make at the city gates of Paris.

On friday 20th we planned a nomadic L8 farm to take down some obstacles. While we had amassed enough ADA to destroy all the blocking green links, having the Resistance do it for us while we could farm L8 portails seemed like an even better idea. We successfully lured them into destroying two out of three clusters of blocking links. Maybe having to take down three L8 farms in a row was a bit too much to handle after all.

On Saturday evening we convened at a pub near the Montparnasse train station to exchange keys and wait for 2:00 am. In the meantime our intel team was putting together a list of targets to destroy.

At 2:30 we dispersed by cars, bikes and bicycles to either do some cleaning or reach our designated anchors.

Most of it went well, although we did encounter a few hiccups :
- One of our external portals found itself encased in a network of green links a few hours before we were to start. The agent in charge did not have enough ADA, so another team was dispatched to clean the area before going to its target portal.
- Several of our agents also had to answer to policemen (everything went fine). Waiting around Paris’ city gates at 4:00 am seems to be a pretty suspicious behaviour.
- One way streets are Ingress car players’ worst enemy.
- There are way too many drunk people (and rats) in Paris on Saturday evenings.

At 4:58 am the intel team gave us the green light to link.
At 5:05 am the last field was closed : for reasons unknown, two links had to be drawn twice before the field appeared on the Intel map.

Once it was done, most of us met at the Point zéro anchor to celebrate and take pictures while enjoying a bright green sky.

We built an L8 farm at the City Hall so that those who had used a lot of XMPs could replenish their inventories, before finally going home, at around 7:00 am.

Point zéro portal was finally destroyed at 9:40 am.

Statistics :
Start : 2:45 am
End : 5:05 am
Point zéro Portal destroyed at : 9:40 am
Fields lifespan : 4h35
Number of fields : 31
Total MUs : 1 073 914
Total ADA used : 50+

Thanks to all the participants ! It was great, we should do that more often!

Intel Team : Belteral, Bleuzaille, Kiiro, Rum35h, StrangeWorld, Thus0

Field Team : 0reka, andranis, Atomusk, ClariceStarling, Deaderin, deados, Duleunien, Elemmire, Hoa, HCO, ianarus, im2lefthanded, Kanchi, kewoin, khainounet, lestef, mcl80, mirakledba, misteradd, Morka, muxchou, nabal, Nic0w, novembre, sedji, sT1xe, Tiberius, ttj, VnC, Wilthril, yoyo75.

Support Team (while they could not be present, they went farming for keys, gave ADA refactors to the cause, or helped us in any other way) : AKAJR, daven92, fixfi, Kurokiiro, notilus, Outscaler, Rom1, Rubik, Syan, tatiedanielle, vanadar.

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+Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Ingress +Niantic Project 
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Green Paris 2.0
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