The 20th August, we, #Enlightened from #Paris won Operation #Cassandra with the score of 433/28 ! How did we achieve that ?
Well, let me tell you !

Showing our willpower to the Resistance

Early August we planned for the Operation Green Paris. The goal was to turn each and every portal in the city green. While we were aware of the #Cassandra event in our city, there was no point in planning yet, because we had no information. So we decided to show our will of controlling Paris the 11th of August with Operation Green Paris which was a big success.

Fast response against Resistance L8/L7 farms

While our L8 farms are standing up multiple hours or days, allowing plenty of our agents to replenish their inventory, we were always able to destroy L8 Resistance farms within a 20 minutes time frame after their creation, thanks to our agents with bikes disseminated everywhere in Paris. We also organized weekly events to methodically destroy every L7 blue portals inside Paris. So one week before #Cassandra , Paris Resistance Agents were burning out our high level portals before destroying them because it was their only source of high-level items.

Meticulous planning

We began to plan for #Cassandra roughly one week before the event. The time frame was very short, we had not much information, and some of ours agents were away on vacations. So we started by gathering all the information we could on the previous events. Then the real planning began. We defined multiple teams, each with a very precise role. We analyzed and planned everything, down to everyone inventory, means of transport, and  schedule. When the clusters were published, we produced enhanced maps which allowed for fast travel between area and clear communications. We briefed each and every agents with advanced battle tactics. Nothing was left to chance.

Perfect execution

While we had an HQ with operators giving instructions on where to go, what portal to defend,... the teams were mostly autonomous : everyone knew what he/she had to do ! To those who say we outnumbered Resistance, well, it is true, but it is not really why we won. We started with 35 agents in the first Cluster while there were 16 Resistance Agents. At the end, we were 45 and the Resistance were roughly 25. But what impressed us the most was how disorganized they were. They didn’t have maps or bad ones, and some of their agents were playing some places else in Paris, not bothering to come and help them. In Cluster 2 and 3 it seemed to us that they did not even know where the Volatile Portals were. 
Despite all that, they fighted fiercely : by comparing our inventories before and after, we estimate that ~7000 of our resonators  were deployed during the event. Maybe they haven't captured many portals, but they really avoided us creating as many links as we wanted.

Soon holidays will end in Paris and we believe Resistance will be even more active after this event in Paris.

Official post from +Ingress :

Official event with all the photos :

Operation Green Paris : 

Many thanks to +Richard Ying for the photos and to +Anne Beuttenmüller for her presence and the goodies !

 +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Niantic Project 

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