An idea floated in our heads for some time : what if we could make #Paris fully green ? Of course, just making a mega-field was too easy (and already done), so Agent Hoa proposed this crazy idea : let’s turn every portal in the city green ! 6 days later, the 11th of August, thanks to her great plans and organization, we did it, and here is how !

The plan

Watchword : Be discreet

Phase 1
First of all, while we were planning to play mostly during the night, some sites would not be accessible 24/7. We established a list of places that would have to be captured before closing time, mostly gardens, museums and cemeteries.

Phase 2
Players were also asked to take back their neighbourhood as much as they could, preferably late in the evening.

Phase 3
Then we would wait for Resistance agents to be safely tucked up in bed to take back every inch of our city.
We also established a list of hot points that would have to be captured last : the home portals of resistance agents.

This being early August, a lot of our active players were on vacation, but it was just our luck that so were a lot of Resistance agents.

A team of about 25 highly motivated L8/7/6 players was constituted. We were also able to secure five cars and three players on bike for the night.

At 2:30 AM on Sunday, once we were certain that the city was mostly stable, we finalized the plan.

We were split in 5 teams :
- teamClio : Altaric, Im2lefthanded, jfreu and Kanchi, tasked to capture the inner north west, a dense, well guarded, area.
- team12 : Exokao, Khainounet, Mallowtek and Takotak in the outer north, a wide area with a lot of disseminated, not too high level portals. 
- teamScenic : Atomusk, Belteral, Bleuzaille, copain, Kureru and Wilthril, affected to the South West, their own area.
- teamPoulpe : Hoa 0reka, sehdatcha and Syan, affected to the North East.
- teamVelo : Bysus and Morka on bikes,  tasked with capturing the old city center full of pedestrian, narrow, and one way streets. Agent Sedji decided to take back the eastern part of the XIXth district, alleviating the load of teamPoulpe.

At 2:45 AM, we set into motion.

We were joined by agent Inspico coming back from a party at around 4AM. He started acting as a second operator while his battery charged and then joined teamVelo.

At 6:45 AM, after many one way streets, wrong turn, players getting lost, non accessible portals, and one of our drivers being stopped to take a breathalyzer while we were exiting a nightlife area, Paris was finally green. Only a few blue level 1 portals remained in the city.

Some of our agents, being too tired, went back home. The rest of us met at the Place de la Bastille to  get a well deserved breakfast while hacking a few L8 portals to replenish our depleted inventory.
We all went to sleep while Resistance agents started repainting their corner of Paris blue again.

About 25 agents were playing during that night, with about 10 more agents willingly participating to the event during the day. 2 operators guided agents to the blue portals all night long.

Many thanks to every participant to the event, that was awesome!
And thanks to every Enlightened players fighting day after day  to keep Paris out of the hands of the Resistance.

+Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Anne Beuttenmüller +Ingress +Niantic Project 

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