On Saturday, 30th November, 8 Enlightened agents from Paris (0reka, Bysus, Morka, Nic0w, Sarwydor, sehdatcha, Yoyo75, ZeMisterA) challenged themselves with a new crazy idea : play Ingress for 24 hours and deploy as much level 8 portals as possible everywhere in Paris. Agents Belteral, jfreu and VnC took part to most of this Parisian Ingress tour, although they couldn’t stay the entire 24 hours.

It was not the first time for Morka, Nic0w and Yoyo75 who had already played Ingress for more than 24 hours last May (http://goo.gl/MJCi1), but 24h of L7 portals building was not satisfactory enough anymore after one year of playing Ingress...

The idea of this event came about 2 months ago so we took our time to prepare ourselves : we had food, water, no alcohol, detailed route map, bikes, 1 crazy team with backups, very good operators and lots of batteries (even if at the end we thought we wouldn’t have enough). The biggest challenge was to find at least 8 agents ready to play and ride bikes for 24 hours in the cold. The purpose of this event was simply to have fun, and we did.

The operation started on Saturday morning at 10:00, North East of Paris. We played so much that we barely stopped for more than 1 hour when we had lunch. We ate in a fast food around 13:00, in a Japanese restaurant around 22:00 and had a very good choucroute at 5:00 on Sunday morning.

We ended soon after 9:00 at the portal Point zéro des routes de France (near Nôtre-Dame) made famous by the Green Paris 2.0 project (read http://goo.gl/bPC4c0). There we used an ADA Refactor to build one blue level 8 portal as a gift to the Resistance.

We walked or biked more than 70 kilometers along which we “visited” and built more than 500 level 8 portals. This really was an awesome experience and we all enjoyed it but it also was  very exhausting and we’re not ready yet to take upon this challenge again.

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Ingress 
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24h Ingress L8
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