To share the spirit of Christmas with our beloved enemies, we decided to turn Paris into a giant Advent Calendar as a gift for the local Resistance Players

The Advent Calendar is a special calendar hiding little gifts (toy, chocolate, image) to be found one by one everyday and covering the 24 first days of December. The Enlightened of Paris chose to contribute to the Ingress Christmas Spirit by fitting this popular tradition into the game, and offering to the Resistance players an ADA level 8 portal every single day from December 1st to 24th

We chose the portal locations so that every district of Paris would have its blue level 8 portal, thereby drawing a nice spiral over Paris. 

Every day we would gather or go one after the other at the given place to build a green level 8 portal (we tried to select isolated portals, so that they would not be destroyed by someone hammering at a nearby portal, but modded them with link amps so that they could be easily dealt with once the event is over...) Then one Enlightened player who would feel generous enough to use one of his ADA refactor would turn the portal into blue as a gift for the Resistance. All the attending Enlightened agents would eventually drop every kind of useless items at the bottom of the gift portal in order to make it look like a blue Christmas tree :) 

It was not an easy challenge to make this happen everyday, either because the portal locations were too remote from our generous players, or because of work (or lack of, because of Christmas Holidays…) And it was especially hard to keep a constant motivation of level 8 players during 24 days ! But once again, Parisian Enlightened team spirit was strong enough to overcome all of this !

To end this event on a bright note, we covered our last ADA level 8 portal with a green star, just before going home and celebrate Christmas with our families.

Merry Christmas to all Ingress Agents !

The Enlightened ADA Claus from Paris :

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+Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose 
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