Wednesday morning in Paris we did a L8 farm. “Yeah, so what ?”, you will think.
Well, in fact we did a L8 farm at five different places simultaneously, gathering a total of 41 L8 Enlightened players at 8 AM !

Rum35h had the idea the week before. We already did a triple simultaneous L8 farm the 23rd of April and he thought : “As Enlightened, we always have to surpass ourselves, to do better than the last time !”. So he launched the idea and in three days we already had 32 confirmed L8 players for the event. We started to contact and convince players individually and each days one or two players confirmed their participation. Finally, on Tuesday night, there were 41 L8 players confirmed ! We double checked everything to be sure; and as our tradition is to bring pastries every time we do a morning farm, one player volunteered to do so for every of the 5 farms : we are French and we like to have a croissant for breakfast :)

On Wednesday at 8 AM, we were all ready but we feared the worst : Ingress was NOT ready at all : Agents on the COMM were saying that they had Inventory problems :”Wrong item type”, “Item does not exist”,... We started anyway and we succeeded in our goal beyond our imagination : at 9 AM in Paris there were in fact 7 live L8 Enlightened farms !! That’s because there were already 2 long-standing L8 farms in Paris that were made slowly during the past week by our Agents : the Jardin des Plantes and the Pasteur neighborhood.

Resistance agents were either sleeping or working that day and some of our agents managed to burn out two farms in a row, as 3 farms out of 5 were still live at 11 AM.

The teams and places :
* City Hall of the twelfth district : Ziss, 0reka, Nabal, kryztov, klorydryk, Ihou, Inspico, Rubik

* Monceau Park : Nic0w, Jerinn, Banux, Mcl80, Sarwydor, Im2lefthanded, Lestef, StrangeWorld

* Montrouge (aka Montvert) : Rum35h, Uriankk, Antoineroux, Gnarfounet, Suhbaatar, Kiiro, Guillomo, Thus0

* City Hall of Paris : Bysus, Mallowtek, St1xe, Deaderin, Deados, GammaRay, sehdatcha, Hoa

* Louvre Museum : Atomusk, Zemblar, Morka, n6ko, yoyo75, Remiel, Beltheral, lacarpe, Themums


+Joe Philley  +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose  +Niantic Project 
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