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"Sure, I can reach the top shelf for you"
"Sure, I can reach the top shelf for you"

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This weekend saw me split out my group of 7 in to two groups, due to scheduling conflicts that meant not everyone could be together on one date.

It was a good opportunity to see how the game runs on a smaller scale, and to test some things out in terms of what players liked.

Session 1 of 2 ran with the group of 4, and they were given two explicit options of potential threats they could deal with, along with two of the characters each being given personal messages/information that they could reveal or not. One of them chose to reveal it because her character was comforted at the beginning of the session.

My group is clearly very cautious about getting in to a fight, which is good to know, and means I'll probably have to force a fight on them if I want them to actually get in to conflict, but it was good to see that they were happy to play in character, and to shun the easy "beat up a bad guy" scenario in favour of keeping an eye out for protecting innocents and helping a fellow team member on their quest.

The session 2 of 2 didn't go so well, which is entirely my fault! I made a treasure hunt of sorts, where the three of them would have to go through the city to try and find information to get them to the location of a cultist ritual.

Problem 1: I didn't make any explicit clues, I used custom moves which enhanced the players as they went along, which would have been great if they got to the final location quicker...but didn't actually help them find the location!

Problem 2: I relied on these moves as a way of giving the players information about their success or not, and the move I had was a roll + mundane. I should have paid more attention to the fact these three characters had the lowest mundane ratings of anyone else on the team. As such, one player managed to rack up an impressive 7 potential in one game through failed dice rolls!

Problem 3: I should have accounted for the possibility of terrible dice rolls. It's one thing to play the averages, but I see now that if there is no planned route out of the situation for the players and they don't roll successes then they can't go anywhere. If your game was one where the players could just say "This isn't working, we need to change mission" this might be fine, but where it's important that they actually follow the story through... I clearly needed to have more backups planned, and had to ad hoc these hard pushes in the right direction on the night.

So... lessons learned, not sure if we'll be split again next month or back as a 7, but either way there are a few strands to play on for the story going forward, and the players seem to be enjoying themselves.

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I finally managed to do a write up of the first session (that took two sessions really). Second and Third sessions happen this weekend!

After two sessions with my 7, because of work commitments we're having to split in to two groups this month, a 3 and a 4. Interestingly there is a good story driven reason for this happening which is nice.

However essentially the first two sessions were the introduction, an extended one-shot. I want to give the players some autonomy in what they do next, to drive where they want to find the next steps of their adventure.

Does anyone here run any games where the story has a structure that is more like a computer game's "side quest" system, where the heroes need to seek out the next adventure to conquer? Any tips from those that have?

Next week I'm going to be running my first session for this, but I've managed to collect a group of 7 people to play. I know this is more than the rulebook suggests the game is built for... so my question to anyone out there who might have been in a similar situation is, is there anything I should do to prepare or better suit this larger group?

I understand that it's going to be harder to make sure everyone gets their time in the spotlight with a larger group, any tips?

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Great British Bake Off's BakedAlaskaGate: not worth the fuss?
This week on that gritty and hard-hitting fly on the wall documentary into the underground lives of.... um... sorry, themed gameshow, Great British Bake Off, was hit by scandal. In the third round of this weeks pudding based episode the challenge was set to...

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The "Security vs Liberty" fallacy of #DRIP law
MPs are continuing to abuse your liberties in the name of "crime" and "terrorism". They say that the law they are debating in the space of one day, because the previous 3 months were not long enough to discuss the wholesale recording of our movement online ...

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Emergency Data Retention Bill, 2024
It has emerged today, Thursday 11th of July 2014, that emergency powers to ensure police and security services can continue to access records of which shops you visited, who you exchanged glances with and what you do in your own home are being rushed throug...

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And the worst bill of the Queen Speech 2014 goes to...
... SARAH! Oh yeah, it seems that the Tories are taking to the bullshit motivational speaker style personification of things, in this case a bill that appears on the basis of it's description to aim to diminish and water down the rights of workers and indiv...

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The route to General Election 2015...
...or how I learned to stop making policy and attack the other team The next year is going to be interesting, and I don't think it's going to be very pretty. Due to the way the nation is viewing the various parties right now it feels like we're going to be ...
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