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Paging Dr. MLC
In case the title of the post doesn't give it away, I passed my dissertation defense last Wednesday!  I can officially use the title of Dr.  Depending on when the baby is actually born will determine if I walk in December or not.  I predict a full-moon baby...

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Big news and allergy testing
So I have big news!  After several years of trying to get okay with the idea of having only one child, I'm pregnant!  Yep a totally unexpected unplanned pregnancy that mirrors the first one in a eerie fashion.  We took a pregnancy test on the exact same dat...

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Best gift ever
The other day I was talking to a friend and he mentioned some gifts that he had bought an old girlfriend and that got me thinking over the last 20 years DH has bought me lots of gift, which one was the best? I can be very picky while really not caring about...

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I haven't written since I took my new job since one there isn't really time and it is difficult to know what is safe to discuss in a public arena.  This incident just has me shaken and I need somewhere to talk it out so to my trusty blog I go. One Friday I ...

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Dissertation and a general update
This has been a weird few weeks.  I started a new job and I am in full swing in dissertation work.  This last semester was quite tough on me.  I had a stats professor that I seemed to connect with on a personal level but not on a stats level so I spent a lo...

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New Life Path - Schooling
My daughter started school today.   My daughter, the daughter of a
homeschool/unschooling researcher, started school today.   I’ve spent the better part of the day
crying.   I didn’t want to let her go but
I know it is the right decision.   I’m afraid
this ...

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Why my daughter goes to #rollerderby with me . . .
I'm a newbie to the derby world.  Just yesterday I was telling someone that I had thought children changed everything and then derby happened.  Before derby I would have looked forward to going out on ladies nights for drinks and gossip, now I want to get m...

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The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Martha
So I see myself as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man, you know from Ghostbusters.  Besides sounding crazy by admitting to this feeling, I find it also limits me in the things that I do.  I'm always afraid of taking too much room.  I worry about not having enoug...

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Random #RollerDerby Craft: Team #CrossStitch
I have another roller derby craft ready! This one took forever! You can't tell in the picture but the star and pivot stripe both have iridescent white floss.  It was a pain to work with and I don't think it shows up too well but the whole then felt incompl...

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All I want for Christmas list 2014
For the last two years I've posted something I want for Christmas starting Dec 1 until Dec 24. I do it for a couple of reasons, when you have to write down what you want I think the universe tends to help focus energy in that direction, I find myself being...
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