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A day trip to the coal and mineral mining region of SE Kansas - great exploration, excellent evidence for the Genesis Flood, and, fun for all ages. This year, we will be touring the Tri-State Mineral Museum in Joplin.
There is no fee for this event other museum costs of:
$2.00 per adult
$5.00 per family
You must register for this event 

Please visit our website to register or call CSA at (816) 618-3610
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CSA Astronomy Safaris for 2013
Astronomy Safaris are held (weather permitting) at The Berry Patch, 22509 State Line Road. Each Astronomy Safari consists of an inspiring slide seminar followed by a tour of the heavens using tracking telescopes and binoculars. Don't wait to see if the weather will permit, sign up and we will contact you if it will be cancelled. You can sign up for the safaris at

4/12 - Friday 8:00 pm
 5/10 - Friday 8:30 pm
 6/29 - Saturday 8:45 pm
 7/27 - Saturday 8:45 pm
 8/9 - Friday 8:45 pm
 9/6 - Friday 7:45 pm
 10/4 - Friday 7:15 pm
 11/1 - Friday 7;15 pm
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One of our most popular safaris. We start in Lenexa and fossil hunt along K-10 hwy enroute to Lawrence. We picnic at South Park on Massachusetts Ave. Then we tour "Evolution's Cathedral," the KU Natural History Museum. We tour the palentology floor with a biblical worldview and discuss the Exploring Evolution exhibt. Please visit our website to register for this event
CSA KU Natural History Museum Creation Safari
Sat, July 21, 2012, 10:00 AM
Start at Mcdonalds @ I-435 and 87th St Lenexa KS end at the museum in Lawrence KS

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Temps are forecast to be in the low 100's so be sure to bring water and a hat. We will also try lunch at a fast food place or the KU student union to beat the heat. Don't let the heat discourage you, we will be inside the museum during the heat of the DAY
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Creation Science Association for Mid-America's Creation Safaris and event page!/CSAMA.of.Mid.America/events
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From reading The First Gene, a number of minimal theoretical and material requirements for life emerge:

*High levels of prescriptive information
*Symbol systems and language
*Molecules which can carry this information and programming
*Highly unlikely sequences of functional information
*Formal function
*An "agent" capable of making "intentional choices of mind" which can "choose" between various options, select for future function, and instantiate these requirements for life.

Although the book does not out and out say this, Only the God of the Bible could fulfill all of these requirements
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Have them in circles
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The account of Noah’s ark’s credibility has been attacked since antiquity and there are many false impressions still being used to discredit the Bible. When we examine the scriptures and by using a little commonsense, we will find that many of these misconceptions can be dispelled. Studies done on the stability and seaworthiness of a ship with the proportions of the ark have demonstrated that the biblical proportions are ideal and are used in modern shipbuilding. We will also discuss the storage capacity and the work load needed to take care of the animals during the year long ordeal of the flood as written about by John Woodmorappe in his book Noah’s Ark – A Feasibility Study.
March Meeting - Noah’s Ark – A Feasibility Study: Presented by Kevin Anderson
Tue, March 5, 2013, 8:00 PM
Westbrooke Church 9777 Antioch Rd Overland Park, KS 66212 - Side entrance

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Creation Safaris for 2013
Several Creation Safaris are returning again this year. This year we will not be having the usual spring safari to Ha-Ha-Tonka. Watch for it in the fall. We will not be having the Camp Genesis safari, because we are bringing back the Greater Kansas City Fossil Hunt and will revisit the safari to the Safari Zoological Park in Caney, KS (see below for more details.) We are modifying our first safari to SE KS for a return visit to Joplin mineral museum. A new safari last year a photo safari to learn how to appreciate and photograph God’s wonderful creation was successful, so we will try it again.
April 13 - South East KS Fossils and mineral Safari – A day trip to Galena KS to mineral hunt and fossil hunting on the way along with discussions of coal and fossil formation. We will end up at the Joplin Mineral and mining museum.
May 25 - 27 – Western Ks Safari – A three day Memorial Weekend Trip that starts at the grand canyon of KS in Manhattan KS, then to central KS to fence post rock country for a visit to an ash fall site and clam fossils. The next two days we explore the Niobrara chalk country for clams, sharks teeth, fish fossils and maybe a mosasuar. The chalk monuments are also very pretty and make some stunning photos.
June 8 – Photo Safari – Bring your digital camera and learn how to take better photos. We will also present on how to appreciate God’s wonderful creation so you can use the photos you get to tell others.
June 20-22 – A float trip down the North Fork of the Black river, A beautiful river that will provide family fun, fishing and fellowship. By getting there on Thursday and floating on Friday we miss most of the noisy groups, which makes for better fishing.
July 20 – Kansas University Natural History Museum Safari – This very popular safari is back, last year we did it three different times. Again we will go into evolutions cathedral to unmask its misleading displays to show that the same evidence better supports creation. We also fossil hut on the way there, so that you can have some evidence of your own.

Not scheduled- Rock Bridge / Connor’s Cave Safari – A day trip Rock Bridge Memorial State Park for a walk though karst topography. We see many karst features such a rock bridge, spring, sink holes, a cave window and we will explore the unlit and wild Connor’s cave. It is not very long but you get far enough in to get pass the twilight zone.
August 17 – Greater KC Fossil Hunt – We visit many of Kansas City’s fossil sites and bring home lots of fossils and a respect for the Biblical flood.
Aug 31 - Sept 3 – South East Mo Safari over Labor Day weekend – Three days of exploring Missouri’s volcanic past. We swim and play in chutes carved into volcanic ash rock at Johnson’s shut-ins, explore a huge granite pluton with strange and fanciful boulders at Elephant Rocks State Park, climb up a mountain to see the Devils Post Pile, visit an old silver mine for mineral samples, camp and have discussions and fellowship.
Not scheduled  Safari Zoological Park Caney KS –There are zoos that are closer, but you have to deal with the crowds and the animals are difficult to see. This zoological park may have a limited selection but you get a guided tour and the animals come up close so you can see them. Lions, tigers and bears oh my, plus leopards, baboons, lemurs, macaques, alligator and more. Our tour will be with a creation perspective of the awesome diversity of God’s creation. We will also try to throw in some fossil and maybe some mineral hunting while on the way down.
October 18 -19 – HaHa Tonka Safari – Some will want to camp out or stay in a motel over Friday night and visit the DinoSpace Center there Saturday morning. See  Saturday afternoon We visit the Karst (caves, sink holes, rock bridges) topography of Ha Ha Tonka State Park around Camdenton MO and later Jacob’s Cave. 
Not scheduled – KATY Bike Trail Safari – Come ride along with us on the KATY bike trail. It’s on an old railway grade between the bluffs and the Missouri river, so it is suitable for the whole family. You can bring your own bikes or rent them at the trail head.
December 7 – Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge Safari – Eagle Days Depending on the weather , we’ll see 400,000 snow geese and 124 bald eagles along with ducks, herons and trumpeter swans. A bird lovers paradise, although it can get quite cold, it well worth bundling up for. We fossil hunt on the way and discuss the ice age loess soil. We also discuss migration patterns and the dinosaur-to-bird evolution story.

Surely you can find a safari to your interest, so escape to reality with us and learn more about God’s wonderful creation.
Chck out the CSA photo albums of previous safaris on our webpage and facebook
The safari detail booklet will be posted soon on our website with further details.
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CSA KU Natural History Museum Creation Safari July 21st

One of our most popular safaris. We start in Lenexa and fossil hunt along K-10 hwy enroute to Lawrence. We picnic at South Park on Massachusetts Ave. Then we tour "Evolution's Cathedral," the KU Natural History Museum. We tour the palentology floor with a biblical worldview and discuss the Exploring Evolution exhibt. Please visit our website to register for this event
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The Fruits of Evolution

By Tom Willis

Contrary to claims, evolution is not “another scientific theory.” In fact evolution is not “a scientific theory.” Scientific theories are ones that can be tested for verification... in the laboratory, or in the field. Newton's Laws of Motion have been successfully tested, millions of times. Likewise with the Gas Laws, Energy Laws, Laws of Electro-Magnetism, etc. All truly scientific theories have been tested successfully many times. But, the principal propositions of Evolution have never been successfully tested!! The first evolution proposition is that life formed once, in nature. Please note that this is two propositions: “life formed” and “once.” Both are historical propositions which cannot be science because history is not testable or observable. Incidentally, the idea of Life forming in nature was not truly a separate theory as evolutionists frequently claim. Darwin proposed that Life may have formed in a warm pond as part of his “evolution theory.” The reason I mention this is to remind you that, contrary to many claims, evolution was, from the beginning, an atheist theory. Of course, the feasibility of the historical claim can be tested, and has been. Man has tried to watch life form, and has tried to cause it to form, countless times, with 100% experimental failure! Therefore, by definition, life forming in “Nature” is not a scientific theory, whether it supposedly happened yesterday or 500 million years ago. And, it has undoubtedly never happened. Life forming in nature is a belief held by some people that all of science testifies against. It is a classic Category III Faith, one held in spite of the scientific evidence!
The second major proposition of evolution, though historically popularized a few hours or weeks earlier, is that all life on Earth has a single common ancestor. Thus, according to evolution, humans, cows, fish and birds all have the same great, great, great grandmother at some distant point in the past. This proposition may, at first, seem a bit difficult to test. But, in evolution science, as indicated, testing is not important. Believing is what counts. But, like life forming, there are ways to test evolution. One obvious way is that, since evolution holds that all biological structures formed in nature, not by acts of creation, and since there are well over a million different biological structures that purportedly occurred in the last billion or so theoretical years, with most of them occurring in the last 500 million years, then man should have observed a new biological structure at least every 500 years. Of course, like life forming, man has never observed a new biological structure! Yet, evolution is the most believed scientific theory in history. Even the highly, and successfully, tested theories are not believed as strongly or taught as fervently as evolution.

Why Is Evolution Promoted So Fervently?

Why? Why is a theory with absolutely no scientific support promoted so fervently? And, as science? Why is it virtually mandated that you believe it to get degrees at many institutions? The answer is related to the title of this article. It should be obvious from the preceding that Evolution is not promoted because it is highly attested to by the evidence. Rather, evolution produces a fruit greedily sought by its advocates. Those people who have never acknowledged Christ's authoritative claim to mastery of life often find it desirable to be able to proclaim that their decision was wise. They hear in all their schooling that science fortifies, yea, even proves the truth of their decision. Thus, they, literally without thinking, repeat the claim. In the last couple weeks, three different people have called me to declare Christianity silly... because of science! In every case I have told them that I did not want to live a silly life. Would they please give me at least one, or more if they like, scientific evidence of their claim, one fossil, one new biological structure... anything. In every case I got nothing. These three callers felt they were swaggering in overwhelming knowledge compared to my ignorance. Not one of them could think of any sound reason for their swagger. OK, one did manage to say, “There is a consensus among scientists.” I told him fine, there was a consensus among German scientists to kill Jews, Poles, blacks, cripples, and injured WWI veterans. And Russian scientists all believed in Lamarkian evolution. Which consensus do you believe, and why? Think of it. These three young men called me to exercise their pride in their wisdom and relish in my foolishness. I call this behavior that of a fool, exactly as God does. Of course, I didn't tell them that. In truth, one of the three actually admitted I had thoroughly answered his charge. Perhaps there is hope for him. One in three is a pretty good batting average.

A Few of the Other Fruits of Evolution

First and foremost, evolution is desired as a weapon with which to bash Christianity. Contrary to pop-science, Darwin did not invent evolution, but it clearly turned him against Christianity. Please note, I did not say it made him convert from Christianity to non-Christianity. It is my conviction Darwin grew up near some forms of Christianity and may even have thought he was a Christian. I think the evidence indicates that he was not.
The key for our topic, The Fruits of Evolution, is that it clearly seems to convince some people. For example, Darwin claimed “discovering the truth of evolution” made him an atheist. Whether we believe him is irrelevant. My reading of his book convinced me that it was the most irrational, unscientific book I had ever read, especially among books that so many asserted were science. Evolution either made Darwin an atheist, or, more likely, fueled his atheist convictions, as it did for Thomas and Aldus Huxley, Ernst Haeckel, Stephen Gould, Donald Johanson, and countless others. Yes, Agnes, I am aware Huxley invented the word agnostic to describe himself, but like all evolutionists Huxley was a liar. He defined agnostic in a way that enabled him to believe evolution and argue fervently and irrationally for it, in spite of the total absence of evidence. But, his definition forbade him and all others from believing Christianity “because of the lack of sufficient evidence” to prove all of its claims. Agnosticism, like evolutionism, became merely one ploy that they patted themselves on the back for their conviction that evolution gave atheism the appearance of respectability.
Lately, the strident irrational arrogance of the new atheism, exemplified by Richard Dawkins is also undergirded by evolutionism. If Jesus is right, and I surely believe that He is, it matters not whether you call yourself an atheist or agnostic. You have consigned yourself to both temporal foolishness and eternal torment. Thus, Evolutionism produces the worst possible fruit for its adherents, “new” or “old.” You may have noticed that the new atheists lose the debate as badly as their forerunners, and yet, express the same level of arrogant confidence that they are wise, their opponents are fools, and they really ought to have won. “Professing themselves wise, they became fools,” Romans 1:22. Now, as implied above, evolutionism produces both temporal and eternal bad fruit. The temporal, while not as harmful as the eternal, can produce very serious temporal fruit especially in its effects on others. One of the most profound temporal fruits of evolutionism is that it “furnishes proof that, at least major portions of the Bible have their history wrong.” Evolutionists inevitably are essentially forced into discarding other major Bible positions; because they know that some of the Bible is wrong! Remember, (most) evolutionists do not believe in the eternal. So, think about where they really are with essential questions like “right and wrong.” Their theology tells them that one cannot be sure that this or that Bible-position is authoritative, so they must arrive at their own position on these issues.
This leaves the World without any authoritative answers to questions of right and wrong! Please understand, there is no way I can overemphasize the magnitude of the problem this leaves for mankind. We are the only species that expresses any interest in the subjects, “right and wrong.” But, evolutionism has proven the Bible has errors, leaving us no basis for selecting the true from the erroneous. This leaves all of Mankind with no independent authority on the key subject of “right and wrong.” If someone breaks into your house and robs you, a Christian response might be to feed him... but how often? Jesus said “70 times 7” times, but that was a brother who had repented, not a stranger breaking the law. Also remember that this passage in Matthew 18 begins with a brother sinning against you and the first half ends with Jesus saying, “And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.” Matthew 18:17 Regardless of the interesting and challenging question of the best “Christian response,” is there a human knowledge of right and wrong? Since “Evolution is science, and evolution has proven the Bible wrong in some key instances, it is silly to treat the Bible as authoritative elsewhere.” The key here is that the fruit, of evolution is to prove that the Bible is not authoritative in any question of right and wrong! Therefore, “Neither you, nor anybody else have any basis for judging my actions!” Regardless of some claims to the contrary, I think evolutionists regard this fruit of evolution as the greatest. And bear in mind, it is not just harmful to you and others. It is even more harmful to the evolutionist because it tends to isolate him from the knowledge that he is a sinner and is accountable to God for that sin, and that he will be held accountable for it! I haven't even mentioned, but hope to in a follow-up article, that evolutionism has also produced the fruit fueling the rapid growth in abortion, homosexuality, socialism, global warming, and the return of eugenics and euthanasia.

How to Extricate a Person from Evolutionism

But I do not wish to leave my readers dangling over Darwin's imaginary pond, with merely a list of problems and no solution. Since evolutionists offer their arguments because they want their life and life-style to remain intact, is there any hope for them? What can we do? Well, many that I know in the Creation Science movement came from evolutionism. So evolutionism is not an unchangeable position. One of the most effective Creation Scientists I have ever known was an atheist, PhD biology professor. He was actually hitch-hiking when he was picked up by Dr. Henry Morris, the founder of the Institute for Creation Research, who converted him to a Christian and a creationist! He did not achieve this by ignoring evolution and “loving him,” as some are constantly arguing. Rather, he demonstrated that he truly loved him by addressing his most important issue. I am not suggesting that this is the only approach. I am suggesting that ignoring his key issue is not love, and is probably silly. If you do not feel qualified to address the issue directly, you may choose other subjects, but you can use his evolutionism as an excuse for a “follow-up.” It might be a book, a video, a debate, inviting him to a presentation, whatever the Lord provides. My key point is that, it is not “love” to ignore a person's most important issue. It may be love, to await the right time or place. How might you proceed? The details are individual, yours and his, but some key ideas tend to be universal. 1) Establish the tenuousness of evolutionism by pointing out that explosions never produce products, life never forms in Nature or the lab, and Man, therefore, science, has never observed the formation of a new biological structure. 2) If evolution turns out to be wrong, then there must be a God, can you really be certain that He did not choose to offer Jesus, his son, as the doorway to Him? 3) In the light of (1) and (2), does it really make sense to refuse to examine the claims of the Creator in the hopes that an impossible theory may turn out to overcome the impossible? Coupled with love, I think the approach wins. If it sometimes does not, well, we all cast a few pearls before swine.
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I liked this so much I shared it on my blog!
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A link to our Squaw Creek Safari Event on FB
We see As many as 500,000 Canadian and Snow Geese, ducks, up to 100 Bald Eagles, Herons, Muskrats, etc. What better sign of approaching winter is there than hearing Canadian geese overhead flying south? While migration is not understood by man, birds and other animals seem to execute it flawlessly without our help. We'll learn that some animals navigate trips of thousands of miles, over territory they have never traveled, without any animals in the group that have ever made the journey before. How do they do it? Why? Did this ability evolve by "natural processes?" If so, "Mother Nature" is truly a marvelous engineer.

We fossil hunt along the way and explore the Loess Soil Geology and The Ice Age - Visit and Discussion. We will visit and gather samples at an impressive Loess soil (Ice Age) site.

Are the birds we see the remnents of the dinosaurs? We will also discuss this false evolutionary notion and its implications.
Since Our Safari coincides with Squaw Creek “Eagle Days.” There will be live eagle demonstrations every hour, information booths on feeding winter birds. Have you ever seen a full grown eagle at close range? Eyes will pop out when you see their wings extended to a full eight feet! On the main refuge, conservation agents man the viewing stations around the refuge.

You must register for this safari, please call (816) 618-3610 or visit to register
To get the Safari Detail Booklet
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Have them in circles
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God's Word is just that, God's Word. It is HisStory
CSA is a non-denominational, independent, non-profit, educational and research corporation whose members are concerned about the widespread false teaching called "evolution". The widespread acceptance of this false notion of origins has resulted in physical harm to millions in this century alone, in lawlessness in our society, in the deprivation of a proper relationship with their Creator for countless people.