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Northfield Medical
OEM Quality with a Higher Level of Accountability and Lower Cost.
OEM Quality with a Higher Level of Accountability and Lower Cost.

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Rigid and Specialty Endoscopes
Each rigid and specialty endoscope received undergoes a complete multi-function inspection process. Our technicians restore your scope to original standards using only German made optical components.

Program Highlights
*  We use German made optical components and component assemblies that meet or exceed OEM standards.
* Only FDA approved USP Class 6 epoxants are used. All objective lenses are sealed with an epoxant rated at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
*  Each Scope is evaluated for proper Length, Field of View (FOV), and Angle of View (AOV) to insure replacement lenses and assemblies meet original specification.
*  Digital photos record each incoming and outgoing image. These photos are included on the NIS service summary that accompanies each returned scope.
*  Most repairs are completed within 48 hours of receipt. Operating Laparoscopes and refiber work may take longer.
*  An extensive Quality Inspection that includes Leak Tests, Condensation Tests, Shock Tests, Fine Focus, and Photometer Tests that insure proper light output follows each repair.
*  12 month Warranty against defects in Materials and Work

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Flexible Endoscopes
Northfield technicians have been instrumental in the design and development of numerous components and repair techniques used throughout the service industry today. With our dedication and attention to detail, you know your scope is being repaired by industry experts.
Program Highlights
*  Each scope received undergoes a comprehensive multi-level inspection process.
*  We service large and small diameter scopes from most major manufacturers.
*  Replacement parts and materials are tracked by lot number and by scope. This information is backed up and archived indefinitely.
*  Ongoing research and development has resulted in over 130 distinct categories of repair and refurbishment.
*  Each repaired scope must pass our comprehensive QC inspection performed by three separate departments.
*  12 month Warranty against defects in Materials and Workmanship.

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Established in 1994.  Our experienced technicians have completed tens of thousands of repairs and our knowledgeable account representatives have served over 1,200 hospitals or surgery centers in 44 states.  Our services include repairs and sales in all the major categories of surgical, diagnostic and patient monitoring devices. Our State of the Art repair facilities allow us to keep on pace with the newest technology available.  Our repair services include but are not limited to:
Rigid Endoscopes, Small & Large Diameter Flexible Endoscopes, Tray Restoration, Powered and  Video Equipment, Specialty Surgical Instruments, Fiberoptic Cables, OR accessories and Positioning devices., Ultrasound and Patient Monitoring Devices.
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