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I'm Not Good At All.
I wrote this at a coffee shop. Alone. 3 PM.  If you ever wondered where did I go all this time? Don't ask me anything, cause maybe I won't answer that. You can assume that I was depressed. So yes, this is the first time I went out since I locked up my room ...

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Afternoon Chill at Sade.
This is actually an old short escape with my friend, Retha and her friend Ega. I just want to share about the place because I love those atmosphere, it feels like we are in Bali huahaha... But it's true! So. This is it. Sade. Jadi dulu ini adalah Hotel dan ...

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Decorating My Room into Starry Room.
So since holiday is coming really soon, I have a plan to decorate my room. My room has been so messy because I don't know why, when I clean up my room, it ended messy again. Huft. But, sorry I can't give you 'my-before-after-photos' about my room, but I'll ...

How Are You?
Well hello reader! It's been a long time since I wrote my last post in this blog. And also I changed the blog template, hoping you enjoy reading my blog. Hehe. So, why I end up appear in this blog again? I'll tell you! Haha. I left my writing hobby since I ...
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