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Gerilyn Marin
paranormal/ urban fantasy author
paranormal/ urban fantasy author

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Back, again!
Yeah, so . . . I'm back, again. Still not exactly sure what I'm doing. Revamped the look of the blog, and have a few things in the works, so will likely be posting again, shortly, as well as adding a Coming Soon page with sneak peeks at upcoming novels ^_^ ...

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Beauty is Not
(Okay, this is the first poem I've written in nearly two decades, so please be kind ^_^. I didn't even mean to get back into poetry, this just popped into my head and I knew I had to write it, and hoped it was worth sharing) BEAUTY
Gerilyn Marin I...

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Starting Fresh
After the general unpleasantness of my last journal entry (things have thankfully quieted down in that area after a few more unsuccessful attempts were made at posting disparaging comments to the story), I'm in much better spirits. Aside from a wish to simp...

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I'm Being Targeted By a Troll
I honestly never wanted to write any posts for this page, beyond my cheery "Welcome" post, but this . . . . I just can't. I needed (and maybe still need) to vent. And if you're the "big deal, it's only fanfiction," type, then close the page, this post (and ...

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At Peace With My Path
Every now and again in life, we come to what seems a difficult decision, but once we've made that decision, we realize it wasn't hard at all, and we're perfectly at peace with the new path we've just created for ourselves. I've just reached one such junctur...

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Hullo! Here you will find links & arts for my fanfiction works. Featured fandoms are Harry Potter and Inuyasha (mostly Alternate Universe fictions). I am a long time fanfiction author, and have been active on, dA, Ao3 &, and most recently fou...

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Feminism & Gender Equality: It's EVERYONE'S Responsibility
*links to articles follow post Yes, for those keeping up with the news, this is in response to the threats against Emma Watson following her eloquent, beautiful, thought-provoking speech on Gender Equality. She stated the truth-she said things that needed t...

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Shaming Erotica Writers & Why it's a FUCKING NO-NO!
I know, it's been a while since I've posted. I can't even try to make an excuse, often enough, it's simply that I forget in the grind between being mom & getting some writing done. But today, I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and tripped over so...

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Ye Olde Nemesis: Mary Sue
*NOTE: The following links are from, I am in no way affiliated with that site, or anyone connected with its creation, or maintenance . Okay, so a lot of folks out there already understand what the term "Mary Sue" (or, in the case of male char...

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A Note About Social Anxiety
Recently, I thought I'd been making strides, but then something happened that made me realize I hadn't come nearly as far as I'd believed. I received a very nice message from a book group, asking me if I'd like to add my book to their list, which was fine, ...
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