The Jarvie Circle Share Project

I am going to do something ambitious with your help that will benefit the whole Google+ community.

We are going to organize all these topical/themed circles...
First we need to create them. Then we'll share them in one master post or blog post.

Everyone will become involved and hopefully an expert on who's who in the field.

Are you up for volunteering and being a Circle Project Moderator?
In another post we already had 16 ppl volunteer but I needed to do a new post with the instructions.

- My goal is to start with at least 50 circles
- First big list up by the end of the october
- Updated monthly


To Qualify as a moderator
- Have a passion for a particular interest
- Know how to use Google+ well
- Know how to use Circles well including Circle Sharing
- Create a account
- Read all these steps
- Be willing to put in the work


Simple Instructions
1. Pick a theme
2. Do a post
3. Collect names
4. Make a "Most Interactive" sub 200 circle
5. Post a final list

If you qualify to be a moderator please read these...

Detailed Instructions
1. Select a theme or location-theme
b. Note: though you collect ALL people that qualify your final list will be a vetted list below 200 users (AKA "Top..." or "Most Interactive...")
c. If it is a large theme I will allow up to 3 moderators

2. Name your theme in the post below
c. I will list the approved themes in this post.
d. If I do list the theme you're set and I will work with you and publicize it in the master collection.

3. Do a post
b. A post calling for all those that qualify to submit their name and the name of at least one other person for that theme.
(Having them submit someone else helps speed things up and promote sharing.)
c. Please tag me so I can follow the post. AND/OR include #JarvieCircleProject
d. Link back to this post so people know what we're doing.

4. Me and others will send people to your posts.

5. Put ALL names all in a circle -
b. Share all your names 250 at a time with the other moderators and consolidate/merge (Using the share circle feature - share to both moderators)
c. Again a max 3 moderators for the larger projects.

6. Make a separate circle with those you consider "Most interactive" (or perhaps "Top")
b. When working with 3 moderators you should all pick 100 each and then merge the list (Resulting below 200 most likely)
c. Or pick spokesperson to select 200

7. You have one week to pay attention and decide who should be on the final list.
Meaning you will need to listen and do some research.
b. Let's try to keep the circles to even below 200 even.
c. Feel free to add EVERYONE to Group.As circles for the more complete lists.

8. Add EVERYONE to a Group.As circle
b. you can seed the lists fairly easily
c. this will be where people can come see more than 200ppl

9. In one week from today every moderator will share their final circle I will collect them all.
b. I will keep moderators up to date with posts.
c. I will make a post for just the moderators to put in their link (to speed things up)

10. I will link ALL of them in one master post.
b. About once a month we will update and refresh the circles adding new ones along the way.
c. At future dates you may pass along the handling of the circle to other people

------------------ ------------------

Though it will be mainly photography it is not limited to that... it's just a matter of if I want to promote it

I will list some examples below

I will organize it better as themes come in



Utah 1. +Jeremy Hall 2. +Scott Jarvie
Northern California +Benjamin Glatt +elizabeth hahn +Jeffrey Sullivan
Southern California +Lisa Borel +alejandro carabes
Bay Area 1. +Peter Adams 2. +Sam Breach
DC 1. 2.
Colorado 1. +Colby Brown 2.
UK +Gerard Charnley +Mark W
Montana - +Melissa Breen +Hope OHara
Minnesota - +Pete Bergstrom +Andy Levesque
Australia +martin ollman
Arizona +Christina Lawrie +Matt Suess +Nicholas Pappagallo Jr
texas - +Ben Godkin
Canada - +Christopher Jay
Pacific NW - +Jacob Lucas +Anthony Procissi
Japan - +David La Spina
Indonesia - +Robby Candra
New England - +Geoffrey Ogonosky
Switzerland - +Johan Peijnenburg
Holland - +Johan Peijnenburg


Wedding Photographers 1. +Shelley Porkolab 2. +Christopher Jay
Landscape Photographers 1. +Younes Bounhar +Siddharth Pandit
Wildlife Photographers +Robby Bowles
Sports Photographers
Macro - +Ron Clifford
Underwater Photographers
Fashion Photographers - +Shawn Ray +Brent Burzycki
Travel - +Elia Locardi
Portrait - +Laura Mitchum
Top Photography Teachers using Google+
Conceptual Portrait Photographers - +Scott Detweiler


Spanish 1. +Lili Ana 2. +alejandro carabes 3. +Jeff Hill
French +Alexandre Roschewitz +Younes Bounhar
Italian +Ugo Cei +Francesco Gola
Portuguese +Nuno Ferreira +Luís Pedro +Ricardo Williams

Other Photography Related
Wedding Vendors
Wedding Planners
SmugMug Users
SmugMug User Group Leaders
Photographic Supply Vendors/Manufactures
Film/video Makers
Photo business discussion - +Catherine Vibert

Most Interactive 1. +Scott Jarvie
Full Time Photographers 1. +Scott Jarvie 2. +Colby Brown



Tech Journalists
News anchors
Politicians +Michael Beckett
Politics - Liberty minded - +Michael Beckett
Drupal - +Donny Nyamweya
Runners - +Gavin Dash
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