The About Me Cirlces - Project

You list suggested circles on your ABOUT PAGE
People will be more apt to add you to these circles
Through the suggestions they will learn more about you.

Which circles would you most likely be found in?
Organize them in the following levels 1-3: Suggestion Only
1. For Sure.
2. If you have it.
3. Technically? Yes.

1. For sure add me to these circles.
--Everyone following me should have this circle.
--They are common circles and I talk about this subject frequently
(or I live in this location)

2. If you have this circle you should add me to this circle.
--If you don't have this circle you should consider creating it.
--But if not it's not a huge loss.

3. These circles also define me but are not my most frequent posts.
These are also some of my other hobbies of interest.
--You might not add me to these circles because you don't have this circle or because I am not an expert in this field.
--I will not be offended if I'm not in this circle


Check my own about section to see my example (or comments below)

Do a search for #AboutMeCircles to see what other people have chosen to do.
This project was started the evening of the 10th of October 2011

Inspired in part by the Public Circles project.
(where you edit the about section to put users you highly recommend.)


When you do it yourself don't forget to link back to this post - "The About Me Circles Project Indtroduction" - (So others know what to do.)

When you edit your ABOUT also do a post and write "#AboutMeCircles"
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