Real Reviews #2 +Colby Brown & +Scott jarvie

The first live recorded episode in now online for your viewing pleasure:

To submit for future Image Reviews
1. "Write Real Reviews Welcomed +Scott jarvie " (Or a variation on the theme)
It is important to tag me in the post so I see it. (Makes me feel loved too. haha)
Don't just share the picture and for sure don't tag me as being in the picture.
2. Write a short description of the picture.
3. The picture needs to be on Google+ and it should be viewable Publically

Notes about the show
I will try to notify people when their image has been reviewed in a show.
I will continue to invite other photographers.

Shows will try to remain short and sweet so that the other photographers and I feel more inclined to jump in and do them at our convenience without dreading it.

And of course as we do this more things will get even better and smoother and all around fantastic-er. :)

This show has images by:
+Tamara Pruessner
+Nico van der Vorm
+Ugo Cei
+Elizabeth Greeley
+Bryan Butterfield
+Craig Pifer
+Ryan Connolly
+Maik Rudius
+Chris Roque
+Jim Davis

And a couple others from the live stream audience
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