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I Shoot People... in the face!
I Shoot People... in the face!


attention photographers

ISO: judges
We just had our first public Photography Decathlon here in Utah and judging is today and tomorrow. It's a great online system that takes 30-90 minutes

If you're interested in judging let me know.
Also write if you'd be judging the high level or intermediate photographers division.

(P.s signups for next year will be soon.)
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I haven't been around much but I think you'll excuse me as I've been busy making dreams a reality
+Photography Decathlon
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Looking to do some prints for an art curator of a large estate and the question is how large can my 36mp images be printed. She wants them to be perfect for her client obviously.

What's the consensus these days. 300dpi is a number that's thrown around a lot but I want to hear from people that have actual experience or at least links to good stuff.
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EXCITING? Super duper yes.

Can't wait to share what I've spent 80hrs a week for 3 months straight preparing. 

Some people may remember... if you're in Utah come to the News Conference at Pictureline thursday 7pm get tickets for it at (eventbrite)
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Who is gonna come Explore Utah the 25th-26th of this year... it will be the height of fall and we're doing something pretty awesome. 

+Barry Blanchard get your things arranged... see you there so we can take +DJI inspire shots like this one. 
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Yeah YOU with the camera ... the one not even taking pictures but admiring the last picture.

I'm happy for you that you got to go on stage and take pictures, it was probably very exciting for you... I saw you celebrating and sharing pictures with friends and family after the show.

Just FYI you were up on stage for THAT song for over 90 seconds... not to mention almost every other time he stood up on the table. You know how i know? because I have 90 seconds worth of pictures with you standing right behind him. Not even moving around but taking the same shot for 90 seconds and not even trying to be discreet but mostly with your tripod high up in the air.

I have absolutely ZERO problem with you getting to go up on stage and get that shot.
The issue is you have to be ready for that moment ... if you're in that situation you need to nail it in seconds and be done and let everyone else enjoy the show. We as photographers are not the main act, we're distractions... we are distractions that provide a great service, but anytime we're being noticed we are distracting someone from the thing they should be paying attention to... So we just have to limit that distraction. 9 seconds should be the aim 90 seconds is 10 times too long to be on stage in such a conspicuous situation.

Almost anyone can get an awesome shot if they just camp out there. A really good concert photographer is a ninja.

#rooftopconcerts   #kaskade   #provo   #weareutah  
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Who in our photo world does graphic design and has immediate availability and can work long term with a project as well.

Money is available and if they love photography I'd think they'd be pretty excited as well.
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We've got it down to top 60 of March.
The goal is to decide the top 10 of every month.

Rank in order your top 5 images (or 3 or 10)
Plus 10 of them


Each month I select a top10 
I also give the images to my patrons over at
That perk alone should encourage everyone to head over there and become a patron starting at $1

I made the whole set of 60 available

However I'd suggest (again) you become a patron if you want to get a print. You'll save a lot of money and get a huge discount this week. (aka almost the cost of printing)

These were almost all taken in southern Utah... in a month that had me visiting all 5 Utah national parks and traveling with several photographers and doing lots of night photography.
(Vote) Top 60 of March 2015
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Oh how I'm loving these panoramas.
And to think I never did any until lightroom came out with the function a couple weeks ago.

This was from my drive home this morning
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HELP - Been looking but haven't found any info about my Glitch.

I can make panoramas easily and quickly with the new #Lightroom  CC but as soon as I do some regular editing I can no longer do Panoramas until I restart the software. Then I can make as many as I want normal or ctrl+shift+m until the time I decide to do more editing again.
The status bar just won't move ... ever.

Can't find any info about this or what may be causing it.

Anyone else getting constant black screens as the software works on something tough. If it just went slow that'd be fine but it goes to not responding more often than lr5 and goes black screen and then comes back after a bit. It's super annoying. I'm guessing it's having a hard time dealing with these huge files. But my computer is seriously a beast of a machine. 

Love your feedback or for you to TAG someone that may know or be able to look into it.
#lightroomcc   #lr6   #lightroom6  
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