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Need more caffeine
Need more caffeine

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KanColle jokes in my code. Awww yeeeaaah.
Yes, there's seriously a gem called Kaminari:

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This seems like a good idea. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

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The day I pull this off in a real match, I will quit BlazBlue because I will never beat that moment.

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Magic renovation hit for Mabinogi and I finally got the new skill to rank 1. I am now Misaka. Fear my railgun.

Ruby is fucking weird.

:001 > def this_method_does_not_accept_a_block
:002?>   "Why does this work??"
:003?> end
 => nil
:004 >
:005 > this_method_does_not_accept_a_block do |val|
:006 >   puts val
:007?> end
 => "Why does this work??"
:008 >

Note that it doesn't actually output anything. The passed in block is just ignored, lol. You'd think there'd be some sort of ArgumentError or something.

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I'm a terrible person and spent a dumb amount of time at work writing an obfuscated oneliner in Ruby to solve the FizzBuzz problem. It's so weirdly written, I managed to confuse codepad's syntax highlighter.

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  001 > irb Module
  001 > puts "hi"
  002 > undef_method :puts
  003 > puts "hi"
    NoMethodError: undefined method `puts' for Module:Class
        from (irb#1):3
  004 > undef_method :undef_method
  005 > undef_method :something
    NoMethodError: undefined method `undef_method' for Module:Class
        from (irb#1):5

Lol, Ruby. You can undefine your method for undefining methods.

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I don't think this is Street Fighter 4 anymore.
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