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Warning Signs
“What are you even talking about?” She asked me over
the top of her coffee. I was already on edge so I ordered a small tea but as
usual Dixon ordered the biggest strongest thing on the damn menu. “I’m talking about Delilah, being a bitch.” “Well we always k...

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Spaced Out
There’s nothing wrong with living in my own world. Things
are easy there. Things make sense. My shadow mind and my real mind are just one
mind , here, not two different minds. I can breathe in my own world because no
one is looking at me. No one is thinking...

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Bucket List
List 1/
Remember to take my meds for a solid month 2/
Take a week off of work and see how far I can drive in seven days 3/
Meet an Inuit 4/
Volunteer for a summer in Africa 5/
Eat Lobster in Maine 6/
Buy a home 7/
Go to dinner and leave a 100$ tip 8/...

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A Dream I've Had
I was browsing the romance section at the bookstore for a
new trashy romance novel that I could spend the night devouring when someone
tapped me on the shoulder. I whipped around and reached for the keys sitting at
the top of my purse to protect me. The guy...

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There were maps on the walls of his room. Maps of our
town, the towns around us, maps of the state, maps of the country, maps of
Spain, and Canada, and Germany, and Greece. I asked him about it one day and
all he said was that he liked knowing that there wa...

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A Year
It was a year of failed tests, torn tights and cold
tea. A year of empty gas tanks and ignored phone calls. I fell apart and
somehow back together all in time to realize that maybe I could save myself.
That maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t as bad as I thought I ...

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You were an empty parking lot just after sunset. There
was something romantic about your emptiness. You weren’t sad or happy you were
empty and ready to be filled by something real. You said you had a problem with
apathy. I know now that you meant other peo...

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Fox : Part III
There was something thrilling about swinging in the
park half-drunk well after midnight bathed in moonlight. There was nothing funny
but Sid and I were laughing hysterically. Maybe it was the cheap liquor that
sloshed around in my diet coke or maybe it was ...

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Like the Cool Kids
From everything I had read, or seen, or heard, high
school popularity was determined on the first day of high school. Little did I
know, that while I was busy protesting the anti-recycling habits of my junior
high, my place on the future high-school popular...

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Take It All
You can have your secrets back. I never asked for
them. You can take back the night you cried and told me you didn’t think you
had ever been in love. I’ll give you back the afternoon we spent rolling around
on my bed. You can take away the nights we did not...
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