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Hulk DeMullah - Hip Hop Artist
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You are well able to fulfill your #destiny... keep pressing in, you're closer than you think. = )

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+Cypress Hill: Insane in da brain. = )
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Check out a new Native American social network my homeboy +Spider Ledesma is developing at
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LIVE to #GIVE. Be a cheerful giver who gives from the #heart. There's more than one person in your life who needs a particular resource or contact you have to make it to the next level of #victory - to come that much closer to living out their dreams. #God blesses #selflessness & promotes those who have an #empathic concern for others #hopes & #dreams. = )
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‎"Will you stay with me... will you be my love... among the fields of barley."

- #Sting, +Hulk DeMullah - Hip Hop Artist
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The Official Google+ Page of Hulk DeMullah
Hulk DeMullah's new hit single 'Streets of NY' has the music industry buzzing over the elaborate programming and lyricism. The hip hop world can now feel comfortable about the future of hip hop music. Hulk DeMullah's soul and aptitude for Hip Hop will have his name mentioned amongst the greatest hip hop producers and MC's of all time. 

Born and Raised in Southside Jamaica Queens New York, Hulk DeMulllah has focused his talents into creating the much anticipated album 'The Black Swan' which is being released on iTunes and on Reckless Recordz in January, 2012.

Multifaceted with production, writing and audio engineering certification Hulk has creatively embarked on the brink of making a classic hip hop album. Check out the singles,'B.A.N.' and 'Blood Clot Cry' to follow up the smash Hit 'Streets of NY.'

Upon the Radio release of 'Streets of NY' Hulk Demullah plans to release the follow up singles 'B.A.N' and 'Blood Clot Cry' via social media marketing and available for download on iTunes, and other digital music retailers.

Hulk DeMullah's business, social media and music consultant,, will monitor the global response throughout thee music industry and hip hop community, social media, the blogosphere and global consumers worldwide. will strategically evaluate all marketing strategies to further promote Hulk DeMullah's music globally targeting desired end-users within the hip hop genre worldwide.

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