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Is it asking too much to people start using HTML Tags to mark things they were made to? Some devs keep using UL, LI to make forms and shit, why you just don't use DIV and LABEL? UL was made to make lists not to make forms or blocks on a sidebar! Semantics, it doesnt hurt!
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control+z, bg and disown commands saving lives
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I'm with Tim, Lion is away buggier than Snow Leopard, I really enjoyed the ability to turn off my macbook's screen while using and external one. Now I can't do that without hacking some crazy hidden xml system configuration files. If your home folder was encrypted on Snow Leopard, after the upgrade it disappears from your Finder's sidebar, and my battery lasts about 20% less than just before the upgrade, that's just to name a few things I found really annoying when upgrading to Lion.

What I found most crazier is that the most things I found annoying they got it right on the previous releases, but somehow they managed to screw it up on the current one. Sure there're cool things about Lion, like AirDrop, and so on... But it seems they are more busy trying to release new cool features than actually improving current ones, like and actual cut & paste on Finder, rename files (you can just do that by hitting return or from the file's info window), or the ability to turn off an screen when you got multiple screens plugged in on your macbook.

I've being thinking a lot into putting Ubuntu on my Macbook, I still love Apple's hardware, but their OS are really getting weird...
Does anyone else find that each successive release of Mac OS X gets worse, more Windows-like in its obscurity, its tendency to hide affordances that were once a joy to the advanced user, more buggy, more user-hostile, with more attempts to lock you into Apple's own apps. I'm starting to hate Mac OS X, and thinking there's starting to be an opportunity for a new, simple, clean OS to come along.

Right now, since I've switched to Gmail, I'm trying to back up and remove from my machine years of accumulated mail storage from First obstacle: a user's library files are now hidden. Finally find them (thanks Matt Silver), back up the files to an external disk, and then delete them. But then when I empty the trash, an ungodly number of files--going back years--claim they are "in use" and can't be deleted. So here I am having to click "continue" every few thousand files (if I'm lucky) as I page through more than 400,00 files to be deleted. I know this is actually an old mis-feature - but why the devil wouldn't they give you an "ignore" checkbox or a "delete whatever you can checkbox"? This has been a problem for years, but never fixed, while they add new gloss all the time.

But that's just the latest frustration. There are so many things that are worse in Lion than in Snow Leopard, just as there were many things worse in Snow Leopard than in Leopard, and on back.

Time to start over, guys.
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