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AP Contemporary proudly presents “RU : REUNITED” group exhibition by Oleg Tselkov, Alexander Zakharov, Olga Tobreluts and Gago Chtchyan from 7 July to 31 August, 2015.

Russia has the longest persistence in socialist realism art and restriction was until the dissolution of Soviet Union. Starting from 1950s, the rise of Soviet Nonconformist Art ( also name as Unofficial Art) brought the attention to those Russian artists who were not following the restriction in the country. Oleg Tselkov, as one of the most influential contemporary Russian artists, had been actively participating in the underground art world in Russia since 1960s. The artist started to organise exhibitions in Moscow since 1956 and there were uncountable celebrities visiting his studio in the 1960s - 1970s, however, due to the strict policy of the former Soviet Union, many of the sold art works were being rejected to ship outside the country. Later in 1966, the artist’s solo exhibition in an art institute was forced to shut down after 2 days because the show was “ idealogical unacceptable”. The artist finally moved to Paris in 1977. He developed his career and his art works are acquired by The State Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, Yokohama Art Museum of Tokyo, The Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam and private collectors such as Colin Franklin, Arthur Miller and Vladimir Spivakov.

Followed by the dissolution of Soviet Union in 1991, Russian government finally dismissed the restriction on the Soviet Nonconformist Art, however, many young artists were still lost in the big gap between traditional art education and adapting themselves as an emerging artists since most Russian galleries were still under the influence from the government. One of the examples is Alexander Zakharov, who received traditional art training with miniatures from the Academy of Art in Moscow in 1980s. Coincidently in 1987, he sold his first art work to Mr. Per Lundberg, the vice-president of Swedbank at that time. It was his life-changing experience since he had no idea of selling art works before especially without any support from Russian government and galleries. He decided to move to the US in the early 1990s and he started his career there together with exploring the printing technology on different media. His art works are acquired by Russian Club of United Nations in New York, Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Fogg Museum of Art and private collectors such as Nicolas Cage, Whoopi Goldberg and David Bowie.

Oleg Tselkov and Alexander Zakharov are two examples of how Russian artists breakthrough all the barriers and restriction of their era. Because of their courage and the passion for art, the world is able to see these great art works outside Russia. Meanwhile, there are artists who also found their way through even in Russia. Olga Tobreluts, an acclaimed artist from St. Petersburg who was the pioneer of using digital technologies on contemporary art work in the region. She graduated from its architectural college in 1989 and completed a course in computer graphic in Berlin which enlightened her with applying different technologies. The artist has more than 10 solo exhibitions in different museums since 1994. Her art works are acquired by Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg, MOMA in New York, Museum of Photography in Moscow and many other private collectors.

As part of the former Soviet Union, Armenian artist Gago Chtchyan started his career in his homeland, however, his career was well-developed since he moved to Moscow in 1992. He started to cooperate with galleries and later on won a competition which was organised by Sotheby’s. Moving to Moscow was a milestone in his career and his art works are highly appreciated by private collectors in different regions.

AP Contemporary is honoured to present four different Russian artists from different eras in this group exhibition and finally united at this group exhibition.
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AP Contemporary proudly presents “Memory of Nonexistent Landscapes” by Armando Rabadán, exhibition runs from 20 November 2015 to 5 January 2016.
Spanish artist Armando Rabadán emphasises his concept on multiverses in his Micro-Chrome series. Micro-Chrome series recreates a pictorial code that connects three elements: scale, colour and music. Rabadán’s paintings offer the audience the memory of nonexistent horizon with the conclusion that every landscape is a state of mind.
“Scale” - In the correct distance, the artwork manifests itself in its completion which covers the collection as a whole. When the spectator is close, each square is an abstract three-dimensional space which separates from the whole compilation.

“Colour” - Rabadán is interested in the nature of colour and he paints with oil, acrylic and spray to apply many colours at the same time in Micro-Chrome series. He believes colour is a language of painting and it is associated with harmony, melody and rhythm which leads to the last element.
“Music” - Each square is a note of musical composition and the whole work serves as a pictorial-sound code. Rabadán suggests that a flat square is a music tone, a square with two colours is a semitone and those consist of more than two colours are “colour-noise”.

Rabadán was born in 1986 in Seville, Spain. He lived and worked in Istanbul, Turkey for 4 years before and now he is working between Seville and Istanbul. He has more than 10 solo and group exhibitions in Spain and Turkey and his works were included in more than 10 publications. This is the first time for Armando Rabadán to showcase his collection in Asia-Pacific region and we invite you to travel together in the dimensional multiverses.
Opening Reception: 20 November 2015 ( Friday ) from 6 - 9 pm
                                       with artist’s presence

Artist’s talk: 21 November 2015 ( Saturday ) from 2:30 - 4:00 pm
RSVP of both events at
                  Enquires at
Official Partners:
Thienot Champagne, Cover Magazine HK
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AP Contemporary is excited to present “New Mythology”, the second solo exhibition by Olga Tobreluts. Many believe that mythologies are often related to being old-fashioned and ancient stories, “New Mythology” introduces the audience a new definition. Myths are not limited to Zeus, Romulus or the Chinese dragon but also Japanese manga, sci-fi stories and urban legends. Starting from the 21st Century, people adapt and at the same time evolve all new kinds of interpretation in languages, sounds and visuals. The fast-growing technologies and overflowing information make people craving for more and more, are never satisfied. Interesting is, regardless how the evolution is progressing, the familiar ancient or traditional smell is never going to evaporate. Analysing the past, new progression is always a recomposition of the traditions.

Olga returned to painting as her artistic medium in 2003 and she focuses on recovering ancient painting techniques as well as discovering the chemical composition of pigments in her art works. She had her solo exhibition in the US in early 2015 with a new series of works. Those works are testing a new visual shock by recomposing the divided fragment of an image. “New Mythology” is a continue of the last episode and Olga is pushing the visual shock to a brand new series of new media art works in particular with 3D lenticular art works.

The exhibition opens on 4th September, 2015 (Friday) with an opening reception from 6:00pm till 9:00pm.

For more information, please contact Sally Hui at

RSVP, please contact Catherine Yim at
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AP Contemporary is thrilled to announce our participation at Bazaar Art Jakarta, which will be held from 27- 30 August 2015 at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place.

Come and visit us at booth A4, we are going to present the following artist works:
Alexander Zakharov
Armando Rabadán
Farhad Hussain
Gago Chtchyan
Mari Kim
Sonya Man Yi Fu
Thanh Tam Bui

If you wish to know more information about the fair or our artists, leave us a message or contact us at

Also, we will be participating a panel discussion on 28 August 2015 (Friday) from 5-6 pm at the fair, stay tuned!
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Another amazing artist confirmed for the #beautifulbizarre & Friends of Leon Gallery Sydney international group exhibition 'Les Petite Fours' in October, The Art of Sonya Fu from Hong Kong!!

'Les Petite Fours' | Surry Hills, Sydney | 22 Oct - 4 Nov 2015

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VIP Preview today and see you soon! Visit us at booth B05 ( it is on the 3rd floor), we are showing great works from Alexander Zakarhov, Gago Chtchyan, Sonya Fu. Wang Xinggang Vladimir Potapov and Olga Tobreluts
AP Contemporary at ART BUSAN 2015
5 Photos - View album
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Sonya Fu's Works at Art Busan 2015
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AP Contemporary is having an interview by Timothy Chatellier from Inside Out Busan today at 7:30pm (Korean Time) on Busan FM 90.5 Radio! We will be sharing the gallery's stories and the experience in Art Busan. It will start after 15 minutes, so click on the link below and listen to this exciting interview with us!
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