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love all

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Orange Juice - Don't adulterate it with Sugar. Try to drink it as it is and have the following 13 Health benefits of

1. Prevent cancer
Oranges are rich in Limonoids which prevent skin, lung, breast, and stomach and bowel cancer.

2. Prevent kidney stones
To reduce the risk of kidney disease, include orange juice in every day routine. Caution - But do not overdo because the sugar broken by saliva in orange juice makes caries in teeth fast.

3. It reduces the risk of liver cancer
Orange juice contains Vitamin A - Carotenoids which reduce the risk of liver cancer.

4. Lower cholesterol
The pulp though contains large amount of water, is rich in fiber, which helps the body to lower cholesterol.

5. Maintain a healthy heart
The balanced potassium content in orange helps in maintaining a good and stable heart rate. It prevents  arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats) heart disease.

6. Fight disease
Because it is rich in vitamin C, body cells can protect themselves against attacks by free radicals and diseases.

7. Against viral infection
Polyphones in oranges help to combat the viral infections.

8. Overcoming constipation
This Fruit not only lowers cholesterol, but the fiber in orange pulp clears the intestinal obstruction and helps in removing constipation and bowel movement.

9. Healthy eyes
Components of carotenoids in orange, which is converted into vitamin A, are the same as in carrots, which is good for healthy eyes.

10. Control of blood pressure
Oranges contain flavonoid. Its function is to maintain stable blood pressure.

11. Protect the skin
Beta – carotene in orange fruits is a powerful antioxidant and protects the skin from signs of skin ageing.

12. Neutralize the acidity of the body
Although orange flavor is sour, this fruit has efficiency in balancing of acid in the body.

13. Healthy carbohydrates
Oranges are similar to other fruit with sugar, with a characteristic levels of the glycemic index of 40 only. Thus the sugar amount is relatively small, for which oranges can be safely included in weight, BP and diabetic control diets. edited and re-blogged this information from raw4beauty website.

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be healthy 
Reasons to do Yoga

There are so many good reasons to do Yoga ....


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If you don't want to eat 'em, drink 'em. Make them into a smoothie:

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I've seen one of these flowers bloom. If I remember correctly, it only blooms once a year at night. Anyone know what it's called?
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