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Are you going to eat that?
Are you going to eat that?

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Add On Request - formSweeper

Google form is used for media center check in. It's great because it keeps a nice record of the kids that have come into the media center, gives us data etc...

It get's cumbersome because we have about 600/per day. So finding a kid at a particular time is daunting.

The manual solution is easy. Unlink the form and then choose the same sheet as the destination response. New tab for each day. No problem.

Wouldn't it be keen to automate that process so that I could just set a time trigger. 5pm each day the form automagically unlink's, delete's response and then relinks.

Ideas? Thanks.

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Is anyone else experiencing issues with adding a doc to a folder from within the document itself - the star also seems to be unresponsive.


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A sloth in fast forward
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#sheetspider has been reporting errors:

pushData Bad value (line 43, file "pushDataFunctions"

I'm wondering if there is something known about this, or if it's inevtible end to using a script in an Add-On environment, which would be sad.

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Going to write more publicly this year. Here's number one.

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