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Orlygg Jafnakol
Liver of Life, Painter of Miniatures...
Liver of Life, Painter of Miniatures...


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WFRP'd: Eureka!
We return, after a fairly long absence, to the world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, to once again tred the dangerous paths of the Old World. This adventure was originally published in White Dwarf 93 (alongside a little game called Rogue Trader) and doesn't ...

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Games Workshop's Lost Games: Chivalry rediscovered!
From time to time, we have the opportunity to glimpse something that could have been. Unreleased models, artwork and occassionally whole games themselves. Some of these games survive as mere mentions, ghosts on the page, such as Richard Halliwell's Lustria ...

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A Historical Interlude: Bronze Age people by Michael Perry
Two additional figures from the Wargames Foundry range - an older woman and a young man - note the 'pageboy' hair cut and the hairnet! A few weeks ago, I published a post about my love for the Foundry's European Bronze Age range and discussed how the 1921 d...

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Unreleased Empire Landsknecht
At the time of writing it is a beautiful, summer's day in England. The sky is a cloudless blue and my family duties consist of cooking the Sunday Roast. With the meat, potatoes and vegetables well at hand, I found myself with a morning to work on this unusu...

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Slaves to Darkness Era Khorne Beastman
Hello again fellow Oldhammerers! Hope you like my Khornate (why did GW stop using these excellent and atmospheric words?) beastman? I actually painted him up just before the last Oldhammer Weekend and only found the time to get him photographed today. Despi...

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Oldhammer Weekend 2017: Painting 'Olivia' the Event Miniature
As you may already know, Jon Boyce got his act together and comissioned John Pickford to produce a special model for this year's event. Unlike previous years, I was determined to actually paint up this one rather than letting someone else's hard work disapp...

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Oldhammer Weekend 2017: Forget Daenerys, Here Be Bryan Ansell's Dragons!
My wife forces me to watch Game of Thrones. I can tolerate the programme I guess, but it suffers terribly (despite the endless grinding of a million dollar marketing machine) from not being as good as Lord of the Rings, in both print or celluoid. Not being ...

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Oldhammer 2017: Tony Ackland's Sketchbook: Unpublished Advanced Heroquest, WFRP and Confrontation
One of my personal highlights of the Oldhammer Weekend, as I suspect it is for many, is speaking with the Grand Master of Chaos himself, Tony Ackland. As in previous years, Tony had brought with him a new batch of illustrations from his long GW career, incl...

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Oldhammer Weekend 2017: Bryan's all new cabinets of chaos and other painted miniatures
Many famous Realm of Chaos era models rank up here. The vivid colours never really translated into 1980s publications and these models need to be seen with the naked eye to appreciate fully. Since my last visit to the Wargames Foundry, Bryan Ansell's incred...

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Oldhammer Weekend 2017: Overview
Hello and welcome to my annual overview of this year's premium Oldhammer Event held (as always) at the excellent facilites of the Ansell family's Wargames Foundry! I was damn well lucky to attend at all after recent events but thanks to my wonderful wife, L...
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