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Orlygg Jafnakol
Liver of Life, Painter of Miniatures...
Liver of Life, Painter of Miniatures...

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Painted Nuln Spearman by Javi Torrijo
He is a nice figure and drips that '80s warhammer character, so I cannot fathom why he never saw wider release. Until I saw this painted version I had no idea that the figure sported a manly beard!  Last post I brought you a unique insight to the Marauder v...

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Finally, images of the unreleased MARAUDER Bloodthirster!
Unless you have been living under a rock, you'll know all about the mysterious eBay seller named fsfminiatures  and his spectacular collection. Over the last couple of months this individual has been slowly selling off a veritable wonderland of old lead, in...

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Space Marine 1st Edition: More Marines
Forgive the sub par photography, but I managed to get a second set of stands completed last night and was keen to share my progress. Painting the entire shoulder pad really made the difference to the 'look' of the tiny models and I adapted my original idea ...

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The Return of (my) Space Marine
Forgive the 'look what I've got' style post, I know that they are highly irritating and appear just about everywhere (particularly Facebook) but I just opened up my new copy of this game and I am very excited.  I was surprised just how many memories came ru...

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Lead of Winter 2017
Matthew Street, Tom Reynolds and Jerome Franklin-Ryan survey the initial set up. They took generalship over the 'goodies' during the game, despite all being horrendously evil and unpleasant in real life. Having been confined to barracks for the Night of the...

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How do you paint your EPIC infantry?
Well here's a first! Painted space marines on my blog. And painted EPIC space marines from the 1989 box game to boot. These are just test pieces mind you, and represent me just fiddling around with the concept of painting tiny little plastic men, as opposed...

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Heavy Bombard and Crew
I fancied something a little different. So I went for this ancient Citadel heavy bombard and three crew figures, all of which have been holding up my leadpile as long as I can remember. Not having much time on my hands with the kids at home, I thought I mig...

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WFRP'd: The Night of Blood
The Night of Blood was Jim Bambra's first solo effort (as far as I can tell) for WFRP. As we have previously seen, the other authors of this exquisite game (namely, Phil Gallagher and Graeme Davis ) had already had a crack at crafting articles for the syste...

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Epic Memories
I don't spend much time online now, not like I did a few years ago. Social media, for me at least, has descended into a morass of uneducated, moronic swathes endlessly spouting their 'opinions' as the only obvious truth. And having grown tired of clickbait,...

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Limited Edition Zoat
February is rarely inspiring here in England. The weather being generally wet, cold and grey skied. This morning seems to be a slight exception, with a brightish light flooding through my window and shining across my parlour room table. I am not the only on...
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