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1) Superbowl: 2/2 was planned as our first time trial workout, but that is Superbowl Sunday. We'll push the first TT to 2/9.
2) Stroke Clinics on First Tuesday of the Month: Arlington Masters will set aside 2 lanes for a stroke clinic (i.e. back, breast, fly) on the first Tuesday of each month. Come by for a tune up!
3) Broncos-Patriots Game: they're saying this will be the most watched playoff game in history! We expect fewer people at the swim this week. And some of you may have a couple of beers in your belly.

1) Cut your distance sets short if you fall behind. We have some 300s/400s/500s this week. If you fall too far behind your lane mates, then please cut your set short by 50. We want to keep the lanes moving to get through the workout.
2) Arrive at 5:45pm - Please arrive early to allow enough time to say Hi to everyone, get changed, and get in a full warm up. There is a lot to get through in these workouts. Also, we want people to settle in so we can load balance the numbers of swimmers between the lanes. 
3) Introduce yourself to your lane mates! Either on deck or after the 500 warm up - Golfers introduce themselves to each other, and so should you!
4) Paddles - paddles are allowed at Arlington Masters' workouts. However, if your lane has 4 or more swimmers, then we ask that you leave your paddles on the deck. Be mindful of the other swimmers in your lane and the lane next to you. Getting your hand whacked by someone's paddle is about as fun as a bee sting. *#-o d'oh!

POST - WORKOUT - District Taco on Lee Hwy 
January 19
Comments: Base building continues as tonight’s workout focuses on breath control, with a couple of hypoxic drills and alternate breathing sets. The ladder is intended to build up your endurance base, with a focus on strength building in your pull. Bring paddles if you have them.

500 Warm Up
First Set:
1) 2 x 100 Free – Sighting practice: swim 4 strokes with head out of water and 4 strokes with head in water (do not take a breath while head is in water). Rest Interval = 30 seconds
2) 5 x 100 – Hypoxic drills:  breathe every 3,5,7,7. Go as slow as you need to hit the breathing target.  RI = 30 seconds

Endurance Set: Ladder of 2300 yards
1) 200/300/400 alternate breathing (every 3) – smooth and balanced to build up some symmetry in your stroke. No need to go fast. Pretend you are Jono Van Hazel from the 2nd video! RI = 30s (not too long!)
2) 500: moderate pace, 85% of threshold (~1:15/100 pace for Lane 6). A solid, above-moderate pace. But save your arms for the rest of the ladder. RI = 30s
3) 400/300/200 paddles or pull or both – focus on strength in your stroke, not speed. Smooth and strong. RI = 40s (a little more rest to replenish the muscles)
4) 50 Easy

Speed Set:
1) 10 x 100 @ 90% effort, RI = 10 seconds (@ 1:25 interval lane 6). This is a “broken” 1000. Keep the heart rate high, but don’t blow up. This is your first taste of what a 1000 TT will be like. Push to maintain the same speed for all 10. 
2) 300 Free - moderate. Final set!
3) 200 cool down
*5050 yards total
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Join us this Sunday 1/5 at Washington & Lee pool for our open water prep workout.

500 Warm Up
4 x 50 – Single Arm Drill (Using kickboard, swim 25 with just the right arm, 25 with just the left)
400 – descend by 100
8×75 -  kick/drill/25 hard  @ 1:15
10×50 - 25 FAST!/25 easy  @ :45
300 pull (3/5 breathing pattern by 100). RI = 20 SEC
300 free
15×50 @ :40/:60 (1 FAST/1 easy/2 FAST/1 easy/3 FAST/1 easy/5 FAST 1 easy)
400 pull (3/7 breathing pattern by 50)
400 free
200 cool-down
4800 total
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