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Bobbi McCarthy
Holistic Nursing and the experience of life
Holistic Nursing and the experience of life
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An Important Few Moments in Time
It's one of those ultra crazy ER days with all the beds full,
waiting room restless,  and the hallway
filling up as well.  A rescue call comes
in over the "bat phone" for an elderly gentleman needing assistance
with depression and suicidal ideation.  Where ...

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Made me pray.  Made me grateful.  Made me sad. 

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Faith, God and the ER patient.
In the process of returning from taking my lunch break and walking through the front of the ER by triage I spotted one of my daughter’s friends sitting in the waiting area with her father.  I went up to them to say hello and noticed how pale she was.  "What...

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I know I’m sitting here on this stool because I can feel it
under me.  I see my patient across the room
but I cannot easily take in the image. 
My brain feels like it has stopped functioning.  I can’t think and all I can feel is the stool
and my heart pound...

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This really is so strange.  What happened to all of these people???

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The gift of Rose
The phone call woke me at 2am.  Being the hospice nurse on-call, it was my
duty to be present for any patient’s death if I was needed by the family.  The daughter who called was hysterical on the
phone, and even though “I’m sure she is dead…but maybe she is...

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Always listen to the heart
I slowly walked past the patient room and caught a glimpse
of her.  She was gazing out the window
with a fixed expression.  She wasn't my
patient, but something about her gaze stopped me from moving on.  I leaned against the door frame and took in
the sight...

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Exactly what does a nurse do anyway???
There we were, a bunch of people that I love, sitting around the table discussing our week, and the subject turned to jobs...then somehow it turned to college and why education was or was not important.  The subject then turned to nursing education and just...

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A personal experience and a renewed vision

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Mental health, compassion, nursing.
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