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I've got a Patreon where I'm making RPG stuff and some fiction. You might like it.

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For those who don't have Sword's Edge right now, I have bundled it together with the released adventures (including the newest, For a Few Sword's More) and with the RPG sale going on at Drive Thru, it'd be a good time to grab what you can.

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You are the occupying soldiers of a foreign power garrisoning a city far from home. You do not share a culture with the citizens, and your state has decided to use the existing political structure to maintain its rule. You stand as the voice of the occupying power, ensuring the elite protect that power’s interests while avoiding antagonizing the regular citizens. You do not want political opposition and you do not want riots.

You are the Wall against chaos, against dissension, against revolution. But you are also the Wall against freedom and self-determination.

And now you need to live with that.

The Wall is a role-playing game about hard choices from the designer of Sword’s Edge, Nefertiti Overdrive, and Centurion: Legionaries of Rome. It will be released first on Patreon and will be available to the public in March 2018.

You can find the Patreon at

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I am really enjoying writing HardCASE. It's falling into place nicely, and it feels so much like a script to an action-thriller, kind of Jason Bourne (kinetic action) meets the Unit /Ultimate Force (crew of highly trained operators) meets James Bond (yep, there might be gadgets, though no specific rules for them).

I really hope people have as much fun playing this as I am having writing it.

So the main writing for the Centurion adventure, "Hispania Ulterior Motive" is done, just a summary of the plot and finishing off the pre-gens is required. Tonight, working on a map and a cover. And then?

"HardCASE," in which the PCs are members of the Clandestine Activities Special Executive sent to Almaty, Kazakstan to investigate a meeting between a North Korean covert arms dealer and a Russian scientist. That's going to be two parts, with the outline for part one done and the basic plotting for part two begun.


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Lawless Heaven is now available at the Composed Dream Game RPG Marketplace. You can get it at Canadian prices, which will save you bit while exchange favours the USD.

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For A Few Swords More is all ready to go for December on my Patreon. The Wall is also done - written, proofed and laid out. It's slated for February. Getting antsy as I haven't sat on anything completed for that long.

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For A Few Swords More has a cover and is in the middle of proofing. It's a campaign framework taking plots and tropes from Westerns and inserting them in a Sword & Sorcery setting. It'll be the December release on the Patreon.

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Principal writing on The Wall is done. It'll be the February release for the Patreon ( It needs proofreading and layout, but the hard part is over. Check out the link if you want to know more about The Wall. Mechanics have changed drastically but themes and the Qualities used to build a character or a city are basically the same.

Next, I'm working on an adventure for Centurion: Legionaries of Rome set in the Iberian Peninsula just before the Lusitanian War.

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Just a quick update to let you know what’s happening with SEP.

Sword’s Edge is now available through IPR ( and the PDF is available at DTRPG (

My Patreon is moving forward with “Lawless Heaven” delivered last month and “Face ‘Splosion” happening this month. “Face ‘Splosion” is an action-oriented science-fiction adventure inspired by the Borderlands series of computer games.

“Judged,” a Nefertiti Overdrive adventure is set for 18 November, and “For A Few Swords More,” a campaign framework for Sword’s Edge which inserts Western tropes into a Swords & Sorcery setting, will hit Patreon on 23 December.

I’m going to share a story with my Patreon backers on 20 January. It’s a sword noir story called “Singer of a Strange Song,” and is kind of a spiritual successor to the story I published in Black Gate a few years back.

I’m going to be releasing a very short RPG on 17 February, but backers are voting on which RPG will happen, but we’ll know that soon.

March’s release is an adventure for Centurion set in the Late Republic as the citizen-legionaries find themselves in a Spain only just taken from Carthage. Many tribes remain loyal to their former allies while others just want their independence, and the legions are going to be hard-pressed to survive their deployment, let alone pacify the peninsula. Expect that to reach Patreon on 24 March.

Next will be a Sword’s Edge adventure set in the world of the day after tomorrow. In “HardCASE,” the PCs are a team from the Clandestine Activities Special Executive sent to Almaty, Kazakstan to investigate a meeting between Sergei Lenz – a Russian bio-physicist – and four representatives from the Mining Industries Development Corporation, a North Korean front company. This adventure will include near-future science fiction elements and lots of action. “HardCASE” will deploy on 22 April.

This will be followed by “Mission Creep” a linked adventure as the team from CASE follows leads on the unknown technology they found during “HardCASE,” dogged both by rival operators and the forces of an evil mastermind who has worked behind the scenes since at least the Second World War. This adventure will break from cover on 19 May.

The next three months will see linked science fiction adventures, though the specifics of the adventure is being voted on by backers, they will be for Sword’s Edge. Each adventure, while linked, will be playable without reference to the others, and one can run any of them independently.

Following the adventures will be a campaign framework in September which will continue the story of those three adventures, or will at least have the same setting and themes.

And that will close out a year of monthly releases. When it’s all done, I will make a decision on how to move forward with the Patreon.

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