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#Scientists #pioneer a new way to turn #sunlight into #fuel

Scientists at the St John's College, University of Cambridge, used semi-artificial photosynthesis to explore new ways to produce and store solar energy, a finding that can now be used to revolutionise the systems used for renewable energy production. Their method also managed to absorb more solar light than natural photosynthesis.

Katarzyna Sokól, first author and PhD student at St John’s College, said: "Hydrogenase is an enzyme present in algae that is capable of reducing protons into hydrogen. During evolution, this process has been deactivated because it wasn't necessary for survival but we successfully managed to bypass the inactivity to achieve the reaction we wanted -- splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen." The team not only improved on the amount of energy produced and stored, they managed to reactivate a process in the algae that has been dormant for millennia.

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“RFIS helps overcoming farming blues”
Economic viability of vegetable farming depends on the quality of saplings. However, a host of reasons that include pest attack,…

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Mera desh mahan!

Doctors perform autopsy on road in Rajasthan’s Barmer, cite family request as mortuary far away

The autopsy performed on the road drew protests from local residents.

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How #Akamai Is Bringing #Online #Video #Streaming Closer to Television Broadcast

With the arrival of faster Internet speeds, online video consumption has reached new levels in India, with OTT (over-the-top) video platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and Netflix bringing new content to attract Indian viewers. At the same time, leading content delivery network Akamai - which has more than 240,000 servers spread across over 130 countries worldwide - is building new solutions to enhance end user experiences while helping keep content providers keep their costs in check.

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I know this is old but Seriously?!?
No more Kurkure jokes: PepsiCo spends Rs 20 million to delete digs on social media, claims report

As per the publication, over 20,000 Facebook posts, 3,412 Facebook links, 242 YouTube videos, 6 Instagram links, and 562 tweets about Kurkure have been ordered to be deleted.

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No ropes attached: behind two heart-racing free climbing documentaries
Amazing, TFS this Dinyar

We know how the movie ends, because we read about it in the papers last year: Honnold summits, climbing from bottom to top in one perfect push, 3,000 feet in just under four hours, becoming the first person ever to climb the mountain that way, maybe the only person who will ever climb it that way. But as we watch the transcendent act unfold on-screen, that knowledge of how the movie ends feels about as useful as the unicorn suit that Honnold encounters en route (true story).


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Mumbai Port Trust Chairman Sanjay Bhatia speaks at inauguration of Mumbai to Goa luxury cruise liner
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