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Today 7:00 – 10:00 PM
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2921 E Division St Arlington, TX 76011
2921 East Division StreetUSTexasArlington76011
Haunted HouseToday 7:00 – 10:00 PM
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"Come see why this haunted house has received national recognition", "non-stop scares with top-notch professionals" EventGuide .
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"So I asked and they are the Guinness Books Worlds Largest Haunted House!"
"They use endless black winding halls to be scary."
"It was more suspenseful than scary."
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Craig Critchfield
a year ago
The entire haunted house is indoors. The good - no weather issues. The bad - it gets hot and stuffy. We showed up early (8pm), and the ticket booth cheerfully tells us their credit card machine was down, so draw money from the ATM to pay. I didn't like this, because it makes me wonder if the ticket crew is really charging what they should or are they over-charging and pocketing the extra. Tickets were $28/person, which I thought was ridiculous, because I'm getting old and realize the prices go up exponentially while the scares don't. $28 gets you a boring-as-you-know-what 30 minute wait in a line that isn't very long (at 8pm), but takes forever to move. Show up later, prepare for an hour+ wait. As we're standing there we notice folks show up in another line that gets to cut to the front and go in first. So, there's a "flash pass" line that let's you skip to the front, but the ticket crew never told us about that. (Not that I would have paid for it, but c'mon, you're running a business ... tell the customer all of their options, and let them choose.) Eventually, you get to the front, and they group you to go in. You move through a dark hall waiting for things to start jumping out at you ... but end up at another stop-point where you have to wait another 5 minutes before finally going in. Things like that annoy me, because you think you're starting, but find out you're not. Boneyard brags about being the largest haunted house. Not sure if that's square footage or length of time to go through. But, 1/2 of that time/length is just pitch-black hallways. This is a lame tactic haunted houses are beating to death to "add value/time" to the trip. They annoy me, because they're boring and are just time filler. You now know why you had to wait in line so long; because tons of folks have to waste tons of time fumbling through these boring dark halls. You're also banging your knuckles and faces into plywood walls. Most were straight runs, but there's one that seems to purposefully have half-partitions sticking out for you to run in to. It's like the owners are purposefully saying "screw you, customer" hoping you'll smash your face ... which one person in our group did. On the up-side, there's a few good mazes to get stuck in. There's some good old-fashioned chain-saw action, but the gas fumes surrounding those areas are insane. Some of the rooms are boring, as they're just full of props. Others have have real people. The best are dark, and someone is hidden or stands still to blend into the surroundings then slowly, creepily moves up on you ... that scared the carp out of me! The worst have some person that's already moving and just comes up to you and screams or yells. One room was a maze you get lost in with a girl that just screams her head off. That was the most annoyed I've ever been. It's not scary. It's frustrating, and this little b*tch screaming at you (at the top of her lungs) just makes you want to punch her in the face. Again, it's like the owners are saying "screw you, customer". The first half of boneyard was fun, but the dark hallways get old, and the 2nd half turns into nothing but people you see moving before you get to them and just screaming or yelling in your face. I guess they didn't get the the memo the first folks got that hiding and coming out of the dark is more scary. The last stretch of the place looks like they just ran out of props.. it's just a winding path with some fencing and NO props around at all. Overall, it was better than others (Screams, Dark Hour), but it still had lame things (dark hallways, screaming girls) that ruined it a bit. Also, like other haunted houses, the actors makes or break it. There's a difference between scaring someone and just being a jerk to them. Some of the actors knew how to hide and scare. Others were acting like they were being paid to be the biggest jerk they could to you. There's a difference, and it makes or breaks a haunted house.
• • •
Sara Duncan
2 years ago
We went there and this was such a waste of time. There are a bunch of haunted houses out there that are great that we go every year, BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!! We will not be back. But now that we are at Cutting Edge I only have one question for Boneyard. You say that your the Worlds Largest Haunted House, BUT I'm pretty sure I see every employee here with the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD LOGO! So I asked and they are the Guinness Books Worlds Largest Haunted House!! JUST SAYING!
• • •
Darren Mckinnon's profile photo
Darren Mckinnon
a year ago
Best haunt in the DFW area! Gets better every year!
Stephenie Crawford's profile photo
Stephenie Crawford
3 years ago
Waited in line for a long time but we felt it was worth it since it takes about 50 mins to actually go through and there was stuff to do while waiting in line outside. Get coupons through text message, dark walk-through though but fun and best one so far this year!!!
Mina McWhorter's profile photo
Mina McWhorter
3 years ago
This could be a good haunted house but it lacks structure. They use endless black winding halls to be scary. Well if you're afraid of the dark then it's scary but if miles of dark halls doesn't scare you then this house will NOT scare you. They use very few props and the actors are mostly little kids. There is nothing scary about little kids, sorry. If they watched more YouTube videos on makeup and prop making then added more theme rooms then this might be a better haunt. There is one area with plastic clowns but no real clown. Another area with beds with nothing in them. What's scary about empty beds? They need a lighting expert as well because they underlight EVERYTHING thinking that would make is scarier and they fail at it. Sorry but I thought it was a total waste of $75 and an hour of my life that I will never get back.
• • •
Maria Avena's profile photo
Maria Avena
a year ago
My school got everyone free tickets went last night 9/26/2014 it was massive and very cool it was worth the wait
dee gee
4 years ago
Took the family last night it was reallu fun! What we didnt scream at we laughed at. The actors and actresses are amazing! They will definitely interact with you. My 10 year was terrified she cried just about all the way through. The entertainment was definitely worth the 25.00. It was pretty creepy but a little long and predictable after a while we knew something was going to pop out at us in every other corner. If you really want to have fun go check it out!!!
mandi pritchett's profile photo
mandi pritchett
a year ago
I went to this one as well as a few others . We went on a sunday and they said all the actors were not there so it was not as scary as it would be . But it was pretty cool.