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When I play for the other side they call me Naxmi.
When I play for the other side they call me Naxmi.

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Highlights of NYU Game Center's Practice, Day 1:

1. Skaff Elias pointing out that games should be designed imperfectly, without undue perfection or tightness, to preserve a wild, unpredictable quality.

2. Frank Lantz solving everyone's problems by suggestiong short-session games... and he may be right. (Since short sessions allow for so much more flexibility and occasional failure!)

3. Dave Sirlin making all sorts of categorical statements about what a good game is and who he has contempt for that affirmed his role: stalwart defender of skill as the key ingredient in games.

4. Arturo Sanchez bringing a level of depth and intensity as a dedicated pro player that too many game devs never get to see!

Low points of NYU Game Center's Practice, Day 1:
1. Never enough time for Q&A sessions, group problem-solving and amazing discussions!

2. Seth Killian passing the buck on the sexism Street Fighter IV by blaming all of Japanese culture and claiming they're 50 years behind the US in terms of misogyny. On behalf of Japanese people everywhere: take responsibility for your own inability to affect a game that you community manage and said you have great input in -- and where the end boss is even named after you -- instead of blaming some guys 6000 miles away and making like your culture's more progressive. It doesn't take much glancing around local gamer culture to realize it's not.

Will be at #occupywallstreet (or Decolonize Wall Street, preferably!) for chunks of the afternoon / early evening today. Ping me if you want to meet up! Especially if you'd feel more comfortable / able to participate with support & friends by your side!

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"If there's a smarter or more personable figure in the game industry than Lemarchand, I haven't met him." Hear, hear! I'm poorer for having stayed in NYC and missed this keynote!

Geek advantages: watching Hulu... on my TV... with all the ads automatically cut out!
Geek disadvantages: it keeps crashing, especially when you try to search. :'O
Back to the drawing board! By which I mean, the bug report forum.

Inspirational quote of the day: "Every day I make some boneheaded mistake." -- Joss Whedon, speaking as writer-director of The Avengers. OMG me too, Joss! ME TOO.

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hay azns, do your parents also think this kind of thing is a competition, or is it just my mom? i think she wants to beat the taiwanese.

INTRODUCING Siri? I already have Siri on my iPhone from before Apple bought it, and it was free! SOMEONE TELL STEVE JOBS THERE ARE SHENANIGANS!

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This is one of the more interesting studies to come out in a while about race bias and games -- specifically, major league baseball) . 89% of MLB umpires white, and tend to call more strikes in favor of white pitchers -- but mostly on pitches which couldn't end the at-bat, more often in poorly-attended games, and when the strike zone isn't being electronically monitored. In other words "subconsciously knowing you can get away with it." The bias is also more common in younger and less experienced umpires.

The biggest effect of this seems to that non-white pitchers tend to pitch more conservatively -- away from the edges of the strike zone -- when the ump is of a different race. White pitchers throwing for white umps tend to take more risks -- yet again, subconsciously knowing when you'll be cut slack.

The SMU researcher calculates that non-white pitchers are underpaid by between $50-$400k vs. the average salary of 4.3 million!

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Dresden Files... Nine Princes in Amber... TinyMUSH?!
I remember building a little interactive city on this MUSH back in the 90s. h

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"Our parents are grateful because they’re voting. We’re the first generation to say that voting is worthless." Wait, you're saying liberal democracy isn't REALLY the best of all possible worlds? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE REAL NEW YORK TIMES, IMPOSTOR!
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