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Mia Wade
Imagine a workplace filled with excellent communicators...
Imagine a workplace filled with excellent communicators...


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Imagine a place without people problems... Our current social dialogue is eroding rapidly. Be a change influence inside your organization by learning how to be that incredible communicator you have always wanted to be.

We have all seen that one person who seems to be able to say the right thing, in the right way, at the right time and is simply able to get things done! You can learn how to do this to. You can own and create a professional development path. And, you can influence change in your team.

The best way to connect and schedule a call with me is through this online scheduling option:
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You can still help put meals on the table! Contact Greer Ministries and ask how you can help! #hereingreer #greermade
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Perform At Your Best Power Sessions
Tuesdays: 8/30/2016 - 9/6/2016 - 9/13/2016 and 9/20/2016
Own the master skill of success. Be the CEO of you! Learn how to set goals, take responsibility,
manage change, communicate effectively, solve problems, meet challenges, manage time and
take full control of your work and personal life. REGISTRATION for one or all 4 events
possible...However, in order to attend the 9/6/2016 event you must complete an online
assessment with link to be provided no later than 9/3/2016
8/30: The Key To Peak Performance: You Learn how you can take systematic, purposeful
control. How you can begin building self-confidence for greater intentional and effective action in
everything you do.
9/6: Special Bonus Feature Leveraging Clarity About Yourself and Others: You will utilize
a comprehensive (complimentary) behaviors and driving forces assessment to learn about
yourself as well as how to immediately improve your communication with others.This event
requires registration no later than 9/2/2016 and completion of an on-line assessment via
link provided no later than 9/3/2016
9/13: Taking Charge of Your Life: You will learn a series of specific ideas you can use to take
charge of every part of your life. Become the primary creative force in your own life.
9/20: The Master Skill of Success: You will learn some of the most important ideas and
concepts ever developed in the field of goal-setting. You will learn how to develop a platform and
the absolute Belief (Faith in yourself) to accomplish more than you ever thought possible before.
Attend All Four (4) Events: $100.00 per person
Greatest Value for your Investment
Attend 1 event: $40.00; Attend 2 @ $60.00 or Attend 3 @ $80.00 per person
After Hours Social Networking offered after each event at a restaurant venue nearby. Take
advantage of the comaraderie and insights learned. Don't miss this deep dive into
mastering your life management skillset!
Have Questions?
Coach Mia Wade, FocalPoint Coaching, Greenville, South Carolina 29607
Phone: 864-952-1427
Schedule a free Coach Call:
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