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To The One Who Will Change The World
Oh, Freckles. It's that time of the year again. You know the one...when you get a year older, when you start asking me if I've written your birthday letter yet, when you prepare elaborate slideshows (never with stock photos) detailing the things you'd like ...

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Six Years
Six years ago this morning, my father died. I used to try and find more delicate language about his death, say things like "passed away" or that we'd "lost him". I stopped doing that a while back because I think part of our society's twisted way of dealing ...

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At least I did this.
I was standing in the hallway tonight, urging my toddler to fall asleep in his bed, awaiting his recurrent footsteps towards doorway when something hit me. I didn't completely fuck it all up. At least I remembered to do this. Next to me on the wall, five ce...

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Note to self.....
I've been writing birthday letters to other people for a while now. I write them to the kids every year, I've written them to my parents and my husband. I haven't exactly written one to myself yet. I think it's time. You only turn 40 once, right? Here goes ...

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On Being Problematic
It's a tedious world out there right now. There is conflict at every single turn. Lifelong friends and family writing one another off over the election. It's hard to muddle through. And, for the record, before anyone even thinks about challenging me on this...

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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Terminology for Cis-gendered Straight Allies, Parents and Teachers (and other people too...)
If you've found your way to this post, let me first say welcome! I'm so glad you're here. I hope that you find some new information and that words you may hear used make more sense after you read this.  Before I begin, though, I must offer a few disclaimers...

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no room in society for this kind of grief
Grief. Before we even begin, let's just breathe for a moment. Can we? Inhale, drawing that breath all the way down, filling all the space. Then hold it. Count to yourself up to seven slowly, then let it out a little at a time until it feels like everything ...

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2016 - My Year in Sarcasm, Snark and Silly
Every year, the bloggers of the world get together and write reflective posts. It's a thing. I've done it. Some years I write about what I wish things might be like the following year. Sometimes I write summary posts including my favorite posts of the year....

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2016 Year End Playlist - All those we lost this year
In case any of you might want the playlist I’m using tonight for work. All songs by artists/band members who died in 2016. And yes, some artists are on there a few times... I Wanna Be Your Lover, Prince Faith, George Michael Somebody to Love, Jefferson Airp...

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That's General Organa to you...
Carrie Fisher died yesterday at the age of sixty years old, less than a week after suffering a heart attack on board a flight from London. I've been told by more than a few people that I'm ridiculous for allowing the deaths of celebrities to affect me, and ...
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