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On LCI #Insights this week, CEO, +David Landis talks about the importance of good #journalism and critical thinking. Check it out below: 

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7 Selling Techniques for #SocialMedia via +Irfan Ahmad
7 Selling Techniques for Social Media (Infographic)

The advent of social media over the past two decades has immensely changed the way people communicate and interact with others as well with businesses they follow. Before the #socialmedia networks became popular, the only way business can interact with their market is through email and other traditional medium such as direct mail and telephone.

Today, from multinational companies to fresh startups now have the opportunity to bring their brand closer to their target audience. In the recent years, several developments and changes in social media platforms have took place which enabled marketers to accurately target their preferred audience based on interest, location, lifestyle, and other important factors that will increase their chance of making sales.

As a changing platform, there are a lot of shifts and trends in social media that salespeople must be aware to help them become more effective marketer. Knowing what techniques are most effective will not only bring your brand closer to your audience, but also help build a better relationship with your target customers in mind.

In this infographic from Healthy Business Builder you'll discover seven selling techniques for social media.

Key takeaways:
Choose the social platform relevant to your prospects.
Join or establish a community.
Connect with the right individuals.
List down relevant companies and follow them.
Join related discussions.
Share relevant contents.
Get the information you need at the right time.

To learn more, check out the infographic below.

#Infographic courtesy of: +Healthy Business Builder

#marketing #SMM #socialmediamarketing

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How to create the best explainer #videos viai +Irfan Ahmad
The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Killer Explainer Video

In the online environment, content is king. The right kind of content makes the difference between high access and conversion rates and a website that is stubbornly avoided by users. As long descriptions of your products or campaign can turn visitors away, your website should include an #explainervideo in order to become more attractive.

Explainer #videos are short, usually animated clips with a very straightforward approach. They start by identifying a likely problem of the targeted audience. Next, the explainer video lays out the solution to that problem and its connection to the firm’s products or services.

Due to their simplicity, clear message and likeability, explainer videos have become one of the favorite tools of marketers. Playing on the affective, visual side of the consumer’s brain rather than the rational one, they successfully and easily promote a product or service that would be a challenge for merely text-based ads. As such, essential but sometimes complex information can be transmitted smoothly.

Simple and straightforward as they may be, creating explainer videos has to follow a series of steps in order to ensure the desired impact on the viewers and potential customers.

#infographic courtesy of: +Neil Patel

#visualmarketing #contentmarketing

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LCI and +PRGN: Public Relations Global Network now 50-members strong with addition of 2 new agencies in #NorthCarolina and #Austria. PRGN also names
+Christina Rytter as new President. Check out the press release below: 

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How to nurture leads and support sales on +LinkedIn via +Irfan Ahmad
The Best Ways to Nurture Leads and Drive Sales on LinkedIn
Read it all here:

LinkedIn is a great platform for generating #B2B leads. As a marketing channel, it allows you to find new customers and create new contacts. Here are some stats that prove its effectiveness:

#LinkedIn sees 106 million unique visits every month.

• Over 500 million users have LinkedIn accounts.

• 40% of these check LinkedIn every single day.

• LinkedIn’s user base spans across 200 countries and territories, with 70% of them outside USA.

• Q1 2016 recorded 45 billion page views from LinkedIn members.

If you've got a business that's marketable, LinkedIn is the platform where you can generate qualified leads, establish highly relevant industry connections, and crack heavy-duty deals. Now if this doesn’t motivate you to market your business on LinkedIn, tell me what will!

Long story short – LinkedIn is the number one place for business marketing on the web. And we’re here to tell you some of the best ways to do so.

#infographic courtesy of: +Salesforce

#marketing #socialmedia #SMM #socialmediamarketing

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+Snapchat vis +Instagram stories via +Irfan Ahmad
Video Marketing: Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories

Snapchat has undoubtedly revolutionized camera-based social #apps with its episodic nature. When it was first introduced, the concept of a camera that kept photos for only twenty-four hours was relatively new. Today, this idea is more widely known as “ephemeral messaging,” and the digital world has embraced it unreservedly.

For a few years, #Snapchat was the darling of #socialmedia, especially since it targeted the younger demographic. Facebook, the biggest of all the social giants, was threatened by the attention that this new competitor was getting, so in 2013, its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg offered to buy the company for $3 billion. Prior to that, in 2012, Facebook had successfully bought #Instagram for $1 billion.

Experts agreed that Zuckerberg’s offer was a win-win for both sides. That’s why many were surprised when Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel declined the offer. Spiegel realized his brainchild’s potential, so he set off to capitalize on what Zuckerberg obviously saw as a threat. Almost immediately after the offer’s rejection, however, Facebook released an app called Facebook Poke, which was meant to crush Snapchat. The app failed to gain traction but this did not deter Zuckerberg and his team. The Facebook CEO made it clear when he released Poke that he was determined to get what he wanted however he could.

In mid-2016, Instagram, the new Facebook-owned app, released Stories, a feature that was basically a rip-off of Snapchat. Unlike Poke, Instagram Stories was successful. In fact, some users are now saying that Instagram has made Snapchat better than Snapchat ever could. Indeed, Snapchat is no longer the only one of its kind. Although it’s still steadily growing, it has found its match on Instagram Stories. Now, the marketing landscape is one app too many, and a lot of marketers are wondering which of these two platforms is worth investing on for the long run.

#infographic courtesy of: +Social Songbird

#VideoMarketing #Marketing

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We are delighted to be named America's #1 small #PR firm - two years in a row - by +Ragan Communications & +PR Daily's #AceAwards for 2016. Bravo, team! 

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How do we #SubscribeToTruth? Our #PR partners in Philadelphia, +Buchanan Public Relations, have some thoughts and it starts with supporting legitimate #news outlets - and subscribing. See below.
In the era of “fake news,” legitimate media outlets have unfortunately received scrutiny. In an already distressed industry, journalists and media outlets are struggling to support the means needed to combat fake news and provide factual and impactful news.

As PR professionals and consumers of the news, it is our duty to support journalists, before fake news becomes the only news.

How do we do this? Become paid subscribers and #SubscribeToTruth.
In this week’s BPR blog post, President Anne Buchanan explains how it is our moral obligation to support the journalists who go further, dive deeper and uncover the truth.

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This week on LCI #Insights, Account Supervisor, +Ashley Boarman gives us a lesson in #handshake etiquette. Check it out here: 
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