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Caro Dee
I don't know how to use Facebook, and I certainly don't know how to use this thing!
I don't know how to use Facebook, and I certainly don't know how to use this thing!

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Making Old School New Again: Priere
Chunky platforms, bloomers peeking out the bottom of a skirt, yards upon yards of lace, lacy headdresses tied under the chin—all things we tend to think of when we reminisce about what Lolita used to be. But what if it was all back again, and with an update...

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5 Hard Lessons About Lolita Fashion
It's no secret that being a Lolita isn't all kittens and rainbows. Wearing Lolita clothes aren't going to fix all your problems, and mingling with other Lolitas doesn't mean you're going to be welcome with open arms into a completely accepting sisterhood. J...

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Lolita Level Up Quiz 2.0
A few of you might remember an older Lolita quiz from Parfait Doll that gauged your Lolita Level. I recently discovered an old Livejournal entry in which I took the quiz and got to thinking about just how much Lolita has changed since the quiz was originall...

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PMX Lolita Fashion Show 2014
This post was written by Mis of as part of F Yeah Lolita's new blogging team.  It’s been a full decade since the first Pacific Media Expo , and in that time, the convention has made a strong reputation for itself as a venue for lolita fashion. Si...

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It's Been A While!
Long time no see! It's been a pretty crazy 5 months that lead to an unexpected hiatus! Between helping organize RuffleCon,
being in multiple artist alleys, and starting a new job that clocks in
at over 50 hours a week, I unfortunately had to put F Yeah Lo...

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RuffleCon News Part 2: Lolita Designer Guests & Events
A few months back I wrote about RuffleCon an alternative fashion conference, and I'm back for round two with all the exciting news that's come out since then! When I first wrote about RuffleCon, it was only just announced, and in the past few months we've h...

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Baby, The Stars Shine Bright to Open New York City Store!
If you're friends with anyone on Facebook who happens to live anywhere even remotely close to the US east coast, this is probably old news to you by now, but if you haven't heard yet: Baby the Stars Shine Bright is opening it's first store on the east coast...

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Invent 5 New Lolita Holidays To Celebrate
I haven't had the chance to do a Lolita Blog Carnival post in a while, but this week's was just too fun to pass up! The topic is invent 5 new Lolita holidays to celebrate . Every good Lolita knows that every year comes with, not one, but two International L...

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Art-Loli: Dramatic Lolita Styles
Recently I stumbled across a post about the Brilliant Star event in Japan compiling some really stunning outfits under the name Art-Loli (short for Artistic Lolita). These outfits were all stunning! They really took the over-the-top decadent trends to the e...

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1980's and 1990's Color Palettes
Long time no post! Let's get back into the blogging habit with some color palettes! Personally, I really love the colors that were used a lot in the 80's and early 90's. It's not all just dayglo neons, but also a lot of really charming pastels. These color ...
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