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First I heard of this

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We have been told lies for years about the proper ways to eat, exercise, and live in order to stay vital, and yet we’re sicker and fatter than ever! Consequently, your diet and fitness routine may be considered conventionally healthy, but in reality – only promoting inflammation, premature aging and costly health issues. If your idea of a healthy breakfast is a bowl of whole grain cereal topped with fruit every morning, this article is a must-read for you! Read “Common ‘Healthy’ Habits that Accelerate Your Aging”:

Common “Healthy” Habits that Accelerate Aging - Dr. Pompa

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The Global Wopida, A Ceremony of Gratitude", is Dec. 10 at 10AM CST(Central Standard Time).

Native elders will share prayers of hope and gratitude.

There is an event map showing prayer and action events that are planned. There are 50 locations shown.

This event is approved by the Sioux Tribal Council.

If you register, you will have access to the live broadcast.

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