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Wangoworld is the go-to place to find events and things to do near you or in any city of the world. You can find events, parties, conferences, seminars, kid shows, concerts and even buy tickets to these events on Wangoworld. Wangoworld collects events data from several websites and apps and saves you from having to go through different places to discover things to do around you or in any new place. You can also create and promote your events on Wangoworld for free. You can use the Wangoworld app for event management - create an event, send invitations to guests, manage RSVPs and view attendance and performance of upcoming events. Wangoworld promotes your public events on it platforms, and your private events stay private to only your invited guests.
Wangoworld is the platform to find local events and happenings around you, because we provide you with information on everything happening around you wherever – One platform, All information. You can view upcoming events by calendar, artist and venue. With the Wangoworld apps, available on both Android and IOS, you can save your favorite events, keep track of upcoming events at venues or artists. You can also share events and concerts with friends and family. Users can find every type of event on Wangoworld – happy hours, comedy shows, conferences, seminars, concerts, festivals, local clown show, and more – we have you covered. We have a wide range of event sources which means we get events from diverse sources and guarantee that there is no event type we do not have in your city or any city close to you as long as it’s happening. Wangoworld is active in 35 countries, which means, that with the Wangoworld app, you can change to a different country/city and see all the events in that city especially if you are planning on traveling to that city.

Wangoworld is more than events, concerts, shows and tickets. Wangoworld is a city platform because it also helps you discover other local places around you. With the Wangoworld app, you can easily find places of interest nearby. For those times when you find yourself in a different part of the city or in a new country, and don’t know the local language or you are in a hurry – pull out the Wangoworld app and use it to locate the nearest restaurant, hospital, bar, bank, police station or even fun places like a museum, zoo or monumental places. You can find places and save them to your favorites so you never have to search for them again. Wangoworld saves you the stress of searching and filtering for places nearest to your current location by providing you with a list of nearby places, complete with their contact information, reviews, opening hours and more.

With the Wangoworld app, you can also discover trending local shopping deals around you. It gives you information on the sales and deals going on around you. Just like events, Wangoworld collects shopping deals from multiple sources and you can search and find any item you are interested in without having to visit several websites. You can also read the reviews of other buyers to know if you are making the best shopping decision.

Wangoworld is truly a city app, because it helps you find things around you - events, tickets, places of interest, shopping deals, events management and more – all without having to visit multiple sites and apps. Wangoworld will give you the same information when you are back home, and the same information when you are traveling or in a new city/country. No need to search for a new website when you find yourself in a different place, you can be sure you will get the same level of organized and structured information where ever you find yourself on Wangoworld. At Wangoworld, our aim is to make life easier for people. Why spend time searching on multiple websites and places for things around you, when you can find it in seconds on Wangoworld. Visit to learn more and find the apps on the Google Play store and Apple App store today.

Wangoworld | Home
Wangoworld | Home
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