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Motorola Moto G - 1st gen to 4th gen in 2017
Motorola returned to the smartphone world with a storm in 2013 after Google bought their mobile side in 2012. Launching three new lines they were instantly catapulted in to the Android limelight.  The E range is budget, the G range is mid way and the X, and...

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Kindle Fire 5th Generation Mini Review
Tablets are big business. A lot of peoples computing needs can be handled just by using one. While Apple and Google dominate the market, Amazon have a foot in the door too. Expanding on their Kindle book readers, Amazon have the Fire range - combining an e-...

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Motorola Moto G : 4th Generation Review
I’ve been an iPhone user for many years, but when my kids wanted decent smartphones we looked around and was pointed in the direction of Motorola - not a name synonymous with decent phones these days. However the last few years their Moto range has taken th...

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Secondhand Smartphone Upgrade: From 2014 Moto X to 2015 Moto X Play
Just recently I decided I could do with an upgrade from my 2014 Moto X , one that has or will receive Android Nougat , as the 2014 X will not get it due to the age of the CPU. I was considering a Motorola Nexus 6 but it is still a bit out of my budget, but ...

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A smartphone camera was used for the first time in Sports Illustrated's history to take the picture of its magazine cover, with the Moto Z Hasselblad mod. #News #MotoMod #MotoZ

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An SSD replacement brought my HP Chromebook 14 back from the dead.
Just recently my first gen HP Chromebook 14 started crashing and rebooting randomly, and almost exactly 2 years after I received the device new, the 16GB SSD inside completely died. With a little Googling I found a useful blogpost on how to replace it. Inst...

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iPhone 7 And The Removal of The Headphone Jack.
So, yet again Apple makes an incremental update to their iPhone range with ever so slightly tweaked design, slightly faster CPU, better cameras and removal of the headphone port, supposedly allowing better quality audio, but actually a ploy to eek more mone...

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Motorola Moto G - 2nd Generation vs 3rd Generation
A few weeks back I bought my son a Motorola Moto G 3rd generation and for what is a mid-range handset, I have been seriously impressed with it. So when looking for a phone for my daughter I instantly looked at the Moto range. A faulty Moto E had to be retur...

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Motorola Moto E : Budget But Not Basic
My daughter was looking for a new handset, and I have been very impressed with the Moto G 3rd generation I got for my son a few weeks back, so I started looking around at other Moto handsets. Her requirements aren’t as heavy as his and she didn’t want such ...
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