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Remote javascript console.
Remote javascript console.

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Support in NetBeans!

From the team:

Basic workflow is:
* create HTML5 project (new or from your existing sources)
* add js-test-driver configuration if you do not have one yet (follow wizard New->File->Unit Tests->jsTestDriver Configuration File)
* execute 'Test' on your project
That should start js-test-driver server from the IDE, execute the tests and give you graphical presentation of the tests outcome. When executing the js-test-driver for the first time IDE will ask you for location of js-test-driver jar and which browsers (known to the NetBeans IDE) should be used as slaves. If you choose for example "Chrome with NetBeans Integration" then debugging of JS unit tests should just work out of the box from the IDE - just place breakpoints in your unit test and run tests again.

NetBeans7.3 Beta is available now (or nightly dev builds) and if you have any problems or suggestions for js-test-driver intergration (or for any other areas) please let us know.

First Release of 2012, 1.3.4-a:

Bugs and Fixes:
* fixed the reset on syntax error bug.
* Better error reporting when --preloadFiles is passed in.
* Fixed issue 302: The parameter --dryRunFor TestCase name does not work properly
* Fixed issue 145: assets are served with content type "text/plain" (may be missing your exact content type. If so, file a new bug)
* Fixed capturing with more than 50 test cases with --preloadFiles
* Fixed --browserTimeout not being respected with the --browsers flag.

* --basePath and base_path now accept multiple base paths.

We'll be moving to Git on Google Code in the next two weeks.
With big thanks to m.jurcovicova, the eclipse plugin is back! The update site is here:
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