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Anthony, Nikki, and coaches check these out. Not new but something to think about as a progressive health insurance company WellPoint is. I have actually created one of these on my own at home. Running a short study on my own using the Fitbit I have found that on a typical day not using my walkstation and typical activity, including a trip to the gym I'll get in about 6000 steps per day. Using my homemade walkstation I average 16000 steps per day, and don't have to go to the gym! I walk at 1.5 mph when performing most activites and 1 mph when I'm presenting or am part of an active meeting. It takes a few sessions to get the typing and mousing down but during conversations I'm not short of breath and doesn't interfere with conversation, nor can you hear the treadmill. A typical 155 lb. individual who walks at 1 mph for an hour can burn 100 calories. If you walk just one hour at work with no change in anything else could result in a 12 lb. weight loss per year! More to come!
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