Dreams red herrings

Glen McQuirk

Doubt exposed is doubt deposed.

Often we think we doubt our dream but actually doubt ourselves. When someone else doubts whether our dream will work, they make comments based on their own limited experience and perception of our ability. Since personal ability is not a prerequisite for the achievement of a dream, our doubts are often red herrings. Belief in our doubts and doubt of our beliefs is dream poisen. To avoid falling into this trap, we need to share our dreams and insecurities with experienced dream chasers. These people have a better knowledge of the ingredients for dream accomplishment. Sharing your doubts with them will result in your doubts being deposed and their stronghold over you broken. Dream chasers learn to turn their doubts into determination fuel, an encouragement instead of a discouragement. Be a dream chaser.

What characteristics are possessed by dream chasers?
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