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Some Kind of Jam
Podcast with sounds varying from afrobeat & rock to bluegrass & folk, soul & jazz to country & blues, house & funk to rockabilly & R&B.
Podcast with sounds varying from afrobeat & rock to bluegrass & folk, soul & jazz to country & blues, house & funk to rockabilly & R&B.

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Episode 89: Organized Noises
Whattup jammers, how's life? Good? good. I don't know what to write here today, but I sure did craft a playlist consisting of some great noises, arranged together very intentionally by a collection of very talented artists. There noises are organized in a h...

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Featured Artist: Remember Jones
Ushering in Some Kind of Jam's new era of Featured Artists, we're happy to present Remember Jones! For those unfamiliar, check out their blend of unique big band sound on a familiar tune below:            Through years of searching for a sound that was both...

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Episode 88: Feeling A Live
Greetings, jammers! It's been a rough week, or really year, for us music fans--the recent losses of Leonard Cohen and Leon Russel have been widely felt and have reopened the wounds left by the passing of greats such as David Bowie, Prince, Merle Haggard, an...

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Episode 87: Trumper Cars
I don't know about you, Some Kind of Jam-ers, but I sure do love driving around with great music setting the score for the world I'm navigating through. Sometimes while driving though, we're met with speed bumps. These portions of our road are inconvenient ...

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Welcome to November everyone! Here at Some Kind of Jam we're welcoming the season of sweater weather with an episode that is sure to wrap you up in some autumnal bliss. Today's episode starts with a rustic twang and meanders towards spacey; because Autumn/F...

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Episode 85: Return of the JAM-I
Hey there, jam fans! Been a while; nice to see you. After quite the hiatus, it's our pleasure here at Some Kind of Jam to kick off our new run with a smattering of jam that will be hard to resist smearing in and around your earholes. To begin anew, may we p...

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Episode 84: We The People
Much like the Color Series that started the year, the Guest DJs and I are back at it with another, maybe slightly more cheeky series: Pronouns. However, Pronoun Series sounds like something in elementary class, so we've gone with Replacement Series. In the ...

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Episode 83: Earsounds
Greetings, sonic savorers! Brendan here, graciously accepting the reins for the newest installment of Some Kind of Jam. Some of you may know that living in South Korea can foster a death of music exploration, which is why I relish blogs (like Some Kind of J...

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Episode 82: Spacetime
After a year away, the podcast is now back to coming directly from South Korea. Short on time, but this playlist will more than make up for any of the writing I may have done. Enjoy! Artist / Track / Album TV On The Radio / Lazerray / Seeds Alabama Shakes /...

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Episode 81: Dragon
Well, Some Kind of Jam is about to hit the road back to South Korea again. This will be the last Stateside podcast for a little while as headquarters will be bumped back to the Far East next week. The playlist queue is just about dried up, and the next Gues...
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