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Ow that sucks.
What was on it? Everything without backup?
Western Digital Caviar Green WD15EADS. 1.5TB | WD15EADS Warranty Expired
Bought it 2 years ago.
Dunno I never trust WDs. I bought 3 disks from em and all died right after warranty void.
That reminds me that I should buy two more 3tbs for raid5
Well, my previous one was a Samsung. I especially bought a WD because people said it is more robust.
I crashed my laptop hard disk yesterday and now looking for the ways to get all my pictures and videos back :(
I only trust WD... sucks to see one die though
According to the label: It's just two years old... damn this sucks!
+Brian Turner Even BIOS doesn't see the disc anymore. I don't think any userspace program is going to help.
+Brian Turner OMG man, you actually made me rough it a bit, bang it on the desktop, tried it again and WTH! Now quickly moving my family photos.
I always look for the 5 year warranty ones, if they still exist. Doesn't seem to matter the brand, they all fail miserably now a days. Quality control went out the window I guess.
It indeed seems that the low price per GB went at cost of quality. Or I'm just having some bad luck. AGAIN.
+Joost Ruis Hate to say this, my friend. Spinrite isn't user space, so to speak, it can bypass the BIOS and directly access the drive to check it and perhaps even fix things that the BIOS can't see. (It uses the built-in hardware on the drive to do the work.)

Don't beat the drive up, get spinrite and use that at level 1 to check the drive without writing to it. Let it run, then run it on level 2. Then see if you can use the drive normally to at least recover all the data.
Ah good hint. I'll have to have a look at this tool (or others).
To me however the disc is like a women that kissed with another man. Can not trust it anymore, ever! Thank God I was able to recover my data.
I hear you on that one. I will point out that usually once Spinrite runs on a disk, it is usually ok. but, like you I wouldn't trust it much afterward. Although I would keep it around in case I needed it for something non-mossion-critical.

Good luck ;)
Well, in this case I used "HDD Regenerator" and it was able to fix some bad sectors. I never guessed you'd be able to do this. I'll let it scan overnite to completely fix it all. So far so good. Seems you are never to old to learn.
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