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Benjamin Rosenbaum
a plausible fabulist of meager renown, in a mere handful of universes
a plausible fabulist of meager renown, in a mere handful of universes

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I made this playset for Fiasco based on the works of Kelly Link, who writes surreal, liminal, creepy, hilarious stories of transformation, dislocation, complicity and strangeness.

The bundle contains her first book, the game rules to Fiasco, and the playset -- all the kit you need to be inside your own Kelly Link story. (Also, for good measure, it contains my short story collection... which Kelly and her husband Gavin published, wheels within wheels!)

Go get it!

“Kelly Link”. “Fiasco Playset.” If you already know what those four words mean together, you’re currently quivering with joy. If not? The Stranger Things Happen + Fiasco Bundle is for you! For those not already familiar with her work, Kelly Link writes…

Hey +Ajit George are you going to Wiscon this year?

It occurs to me that of the second group of Shtetl World playtesters, I didn't get anyone's full name, and I ought to have 'em for a putative someday acknowledgements page, right? Let me know if you were in that playtest...

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I'm also going to bring a prototype version of a boardgame, UGRR, that my son Noah and I (and Aaron Walker) made. It's a tactical-strategic collaborative historical strategy game about the Underground Railroad, where you are an Abolitionist Activist recruiting stationmasters and conducting fugitives to Canada.

I don't think I'm actually going to pitch it and run it; I'll just put it in the cafeteria with the boardgames for people to play. It's pretty well playtested at this point with me around; I'd love for more people to play it with me NOT around, and give me feedback!

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For those interested in the Shtetl World playtest: a very rough, unfinished draft of the game is here:

Only the rudiments of the First Act are done, and the MK section is highly incomplete and internally contradictory, and the whole thing is too long and wordy; but the playbooks and worksheets are pretty much ready to go, so you can definitely get a sense of what the game might be like.

Comments welcome.

I think I will pitch an early-playtest for a raw, unfinished version of a game called Shtetl World. Tabletop roleplaying set in a 19th century Jewish market village in the 18th-19th century countryside; fantasy roleplaying if the ur-text was Isaac Bashevis Singer instead of Tolkein. The system is a deep hack of Apocalypse World with dreidels instead of 2d6 (tossing more dreidels is a high-risk/high-reward strategy). Dybbuks, demons, courtship mechanics, Talmudic citations, rascally klezmers, pogroms brewing. I've sent email to the Pitch Book.

Bring dreidels if you have 'em.

Hey, I guess I'm late signing up on the cabin wiki. We're four people coming up together (two adults, two kids) and it looks like there's no room left for four, and no room in C Block. Shall we grab two pairs of beds in D? Or is B likely to open up? Or is there another option?

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Pitch video for our collaborative tactical/strategic board game about the underground railroad.
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