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First Angular-IL event was awesome
First Angular-IL Event
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+Brad Green  angularjs moderator intro presentation.


Just wanted to share our great experience.

When my company hired me as web consultant 2 months ago, it had a successful facebook game that was build using flash and action script with java spring backend.

The company talented team was consistent of two backend java developer and two frontend action script developers, all with vast programming knowledge and skills but no experience with web development.

The founders wanted to take the company a step further and leave the facebook world behind, so the mission was to take the game out of facebook and rap it in a full socially functional rich web application.

So the situation was like this:
1. There was no modern web technology knowledge.
2. There was great talent the company didn't want to loose.
3. It is a startup in a crowded market so we had to move as quickly as possible.
4. We had to create a lot of the functionality lost by moving out of facebook. 
5. We wanted to have a look and fill of a rich web application.
6. We wanted to build the project properly in order to scale as easy as possible.

To sum it up we had to find a proper web framework that was robust enough yet simple to learn.
As you know we are in the middle of a creative explosion in the frontend worlds resulting in an enormous amount of frameworks and libraries coming out almost daily, choice was not easy, but at the end we decided to go with AngularJS.

1. The pleasure started with the project architecture angular imposed on us right from the beginning.

I don't if you had a similar experience or not, but working with a great experienced team that is just inexperience in a certain field, could result in a lot of debates and arguments about conventions and best practices, but angular just helped us disable most of it, we were forced to write our application in a certain way we all found suited and that helped us avoid a lot of the common mistakes done in web development.

Controllers, Services, Views, Directives, Filters were all extremely useful and were to us a rich set of tools, that both constrained and set us free.

The scopes breakdown made the application code so clean and readable.

And the separation of logic, data and DOM, was exactly what I needed to make the team trust web development.

2. Now lets talk about this dependency injection model, the two-way data binding angular offers works like a charm! DOM manipulation suddenly went from being a big pain in the * to the easiest thing to code, and it shortened the code to this minimal readable miracle.

3. Directive are so powerful it makes HTML5 fill a bit anachronistic, to think how a common thing like inline-editing that just became a single "data-" attribute on span element. And its only the beginning for this powerful tool, because as I see it, directives are going to be the jQuery plugins of the AngularJS framework.

4. It may be that the most elegant thing we encountered was the beautiful filter functionality, 
not only that angular comes with a set of powerful filters, but I can promise you this: you are going to write a lot of custom filters in the future just as we did.

5. The use of the $resource service along with its lovely promise model not only helped us write faster code but it also made our backend guys standardize our RESTful api. 

Well it became longer than i wanted but there are many more functionalities that saved us expensive time, things like routing and resolved routing, the wonderful $q service, event "broadcasting", and more.

To conclude this long praise I can only say that what i love the most about angular is how it embraces web technology instead of fighting it, this resulted in a framework I was able to use with people who didn't knew the difference between a span and a div, and ended up writing complex css3 transformations, because they were no longer antagonistic towards web development.

I can genuinely say i experienced this feelings only a few times in the past like the first time i encountered jquery, or after i read javascript the good parts :).

and a word about the community, you are so great i didn't had to post a single question, thanks to your long discussions on the web, and to think how young angular really is, the places the this community can take it, it is just amazing

To the guys that develop AngularJS, 
Your promise was resolved,

Amos Haviv,
Web & Mobile Developer.

We will launch soon, so until then i can not expose a url to our product, but soon.
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